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ABB Cup 2023: A Platform for Interdisciplinary Innovation in China

BusinessABB Cup 2023: A Platform for Interdisciplinary Innovation in China

With China positioning itself for a new era of green and innovation-led growth, Swiss technology company ABB Group has launched the 2023 ABB Cup Innovation Contest in China. The competition aims to support the cultivation of local innovative talents and promote open and innovative thinking among young people.

The theme for this year’s contest is “Intelligent Technologies for the Future” and involves areas such as power electronics, machine learning, mathematical modeling, industrial robotics, and human-computer interaction. The goal is to enhance the ability of young people to solve real-world problems by exploring interdisciplinary approaches.

The contest invites students from vocational schools and universities in China to create bold innovations and designs around either of the two set topics, namely AI-based modeling for predicting the temperature of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) in drives, and robot programming and remote control for dominoes. Students can join the competition individually or in teams.

According to Gu Chunyuan, Chairman of ABB China, the country’s high-quality economic growth depends on high-level technical professionals, particularly outstanding engineers who meet new requirements from emerging technologies, industries, and business models. “With a focus on engineering practice, the contest aims to advance the student’s innovation and practical skills, and encourage them to try to solve technical problems in real industrial scenes by making full use of interdisciplinary knowledge, so as to adapt to the changes brought about by new technologies,” said Gu.

The innovation contest also encourages participants to break down barriers between disciplines and innovate cross-boundaries, in line with China’s new engineering construction, which emphasizes interdisciplinary integration, combining science, humanities, and engineering. Zhang Nan, Secretary-General of the Beijing-based Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), the co-organizer of the contest, said the competition aims to cultivate outstanding engineering talents who are able to solve problems through interdisciplinary research and meet the needs for the future development of industries.

The Embassy of Switzerland in China and the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai have been strong supporters of the contest over the years. Jurg Burri, Ambassador of Switzerland to China, said that since the establishment of the China-Swiss innovative strategic partnership, the two countries have carried out fruitful cooperation in technology innovation. The ABB Cup Innovation Contest is a testament to this partnership and is helping to support the development of the next generation of innovative engineers and entrepreneurs in China.

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