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Financial Expert Panel Dispatched to Guizhou by China Cinda Asset Management

BusinessFinancial Expert Panel Dispatched to Guizhou by China Cinda Asset Management

China Cinda Asset Management Co, a state-owned distressed asset management company, has sent a team of financial experts to Guizhou province in Southwest China to provide comprehensive financial services and support the region’s development. The company is partnering closely with Guizhou province and focusing on financial services for the real economy, risk prevention and defusing, state-owned enterprise reform, and assistance to the property sector. The company rolled out specific measures to help promote Guizhou’s high-quality development and modernization drive through a 50-member financial expert group and paired cooperation.

The company aims to fully take on the responsibility of preventing and defusing various risks, providing stronger financial services to boost the real economy, and offering a solid financial foundation for Guizhou’s high-quality growth. Through this initiative, China Cinda Asset Management Co seeks to leverage its comprehensive financial services and expertise to help advance regional development in Guizhou province.

Guizhou province has been prioritizing high-quality development and modernization in recent years, and the support of China Cinda Asset Management Co is expected to further accelerate this drive. With this partnership, Guizhou province can expect to benefit from the expertise and financial backing of China Cinda Asset Management Co as it navigates risks and challenges in the real economy and state-owned enterprise reform.

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