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Dalian: The Most Promising City for High-Quality Development in China’s Northeast Region”

BusinessMacroDalian: The Most Promising City for High-Quality Development in China's Northeast Region"

The Chinese government has emphasized the importance of high-quality development as a primary task in building a modern socialist country. One city that exemplifies this push for progress is Dalian in Liaoning Province. As CGTN’s Yu Li reports, the city’s digital industrial park is a prime example of how high-quality development can lead to economic success.

Dalian is quickly becoming one of the most promising cities in China’s northeastern region. It is aiming to become the first city in the region to join the “1-trillion-yuan GDP club.” The key to this ambition is the city’s focus on high-quality development. The digital industrial park, which covers an area of 40,000 square meters, is at the heart of Dalian’s economic progress.

The park is home to over 200 technology-based enterprises, including some of China’s top tech companies such as Huawei and Didi Chuxing. It is also home to many smaller firms that specialize in everything from cloud computing to big data analysis. All these companies are working towards the common goal of creating innovative solutions that can help drive economic growth and promote high-quality development in the region.

The focus on high-quality development is reflected in the park’s emphasis on research and development. The park provides resources and infrastructure to help companies innovate and develop new technologies. This focus on innovation and development is not only important for the growth of individual companies but also for the entire region.

The push for high-quality development in Dalian is in line with the Chinese government’s efforts to transform the country’s economy from one driven by low-cost manufacturing to one driven by innovation and high-quality products and services. As China continues to prioritize high-quality development, it is likely that more cities will follow Dalian’s example and become leaders in innovation and economic growth.

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