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The Ingenious Marketing Trick that Made Ningxia Flowering Cabbages a Hot Commodity in Hong Kong

ChinaThe Ingenious Marketing Trick that Made Ningxia Flowering Cabbages a Hot Commodity in Hong Kong

Peter Yeung, a vegetable grower from Hong Kong, had a clever idea to make his flowering cabbages stand out in his home city. He decided to name them after the popular TV drama “The Dance of Passion.” In 2008, he took his idea to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China, where he began growing vegetables to sell back in Hong Kong.

Yeung’s reasoning behind using this unique name was simple. The TV drama was filmed in Ningxia, and by naming his vegetables after it, people would immediately recognize that they were grown there. Yeung’s marketing strategy proved successful, and his vegetables became a hot commodity in Hong Kong.

The naming trick served its purpose for a while, but eventually, Yeung’s “Ningxia flowering cabbages” became a signature product, recognized for their superior quality. As a result, the need to use the name “The Dance of Passion” to market his vegetables was no longer necessary.

Today, “Ningxia flowering cabbages” have become a well-known and popular product. Yeung’s unique idea and hard work paid off, and his vegetables are now a staple in the market. The success story of Peter Yeung serves as an excellent example of how creative marketing strategies can make a difference in a business’s success.

According to Peter Yeung, customers in Hong Kong have complete trust in the quality of vegetables from Ningxia, making them willing to pay a higher price. Yeung explained that the location and farming conditions in Ningxia are the main reasons behind the superior quality of his vegetables.

Located in the Yellow River basin, Ningxia has a long history of farming and is known for its excellent irrigation conditions. Yeung added that Ningxia has the longest frost-free season, abundant land resources, and sufficient irrigation from the Yellow River, which make it an ideal place to grow high-quality vegetables.

For Yeung, Ningxia was the perfect place to achieve his dream of becoming a successful vegetable farmer. Born in the 1970s, Yeung’s passion for vegetable farming stemmed from his father, who was one of the first people from Hong Kong to establish vegetable production bases in Guangdong Province following the reform and opening up in 1978.

Inspired by his father, Yeung decided to venture into vegetable farming and later established his farm in Ningxia. He has since become a successful vegetable grower and exporter, thanks to the quality of the vegetables he produces in Ningxia.

Peter Yeung’s success in the vegetable farming industry is largely attributed to the quality of vegetables produced in Ningxia. He believes that the location and farming conditions in Ningxia make it an ideal place to grow high-quality vegetables, which customers in Hong Kong are willing to pay a higher price for. Yeung’s passion for vegetable farming, instilled in him by his father, has led him to become a successful vegetable grower in Ningxia.

Peter Yeung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a dream of mechanizing the vegetable farming process. He later came to Ningxia, where he established his vegetable production base in Zhongning County in the city of Zhongwei. Today, his production base covers over 267 hectares, and he sells products such as flowering cabbages, beans, and bitter gourds to Hong Kong, Macao, and other places.

As the reputation of vegetables grown in Ningxia continues to grow, an increasing number of investors are discovering the potential of the region. The number of vegetable production bases in the region has surged from under 10 in 2008 when Yeung first came to Ningxia to over 100 now. This surge in production bases can be attributed to the region’s ideal farming conditions and the growing demand for high-quality vegetables.

With support from the local government, Yeung is now on the cusp of realizing his dream of machine harvesting. The government’s support has been instrumental in helping Yeung achieve his goals, and it has also helped other farmers in the region to modernize their farming methods.

Yeung’s success in Ningxia has inspired many other entrepreneurs to invest in the region’s vegetable farming industry. As more investors continue to pour into the region, the future looks bright for the vegetable farming industry in Ningxia. With its ideal farming conditions and growing reputation for producing high-quality vegetables, Ningxia is poised to become a major player in the global vegetable market.

Yeung believes that manual vegetable picking is inefficient and labor-intensive, and any delay can adversely affect the quality and taste of the products. Therefore, he is focusing on machine harvesting to increase efficiency and maintain the quality of his products.

Yeung has also been leveling the fields and improving land management to create more favorable conditions for the machines. According to him, the machines can harvest vegetables even under bad weather, which is crucial for ensuring a steady supply of high-quality products.

After spending 15 years in the field, Yeung has developed a deep connection with Ningxia. He loves the region’s comfortable climate, vast landscape, and ideal farming conditions. For Yeung, Ningxia has become a second home, and he is committed to further developing the vegetable farming industry in the region.

Yeung’s passion for the vegetable farming industry and his commitment to modernizing the process has attracted the attention of many other entrepreneurs. As a result, the region has seen a surge in investment and the establishment of new vegetable production bases. With the increasing demand for high-quality vegetables, the future looks bright for the vegetable farming industry in Ningxia.

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