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Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress stresses importance of implementing Yellow River protection law

ChinaNewsChairman of China's National People's Congress stresses importance of implementing Yellow River protection law

Li Zhanshu, the chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, recently made an important speech about the Yellow River protection law during a symposium held by the NPC Standing Committee in Beijing. The law is significant for the protection of the Yellow River basin, and forms a legal system for effective protection of this important natural resource.

During the symposium, Li explained that the law represents the unique features of the Yellow River basin, and offers a framework for effective protection of the area. He also noted that it is essential to fully appreciate the significance and impact of the law, as well as to understand its contents, and advance its effective implementation.

Li highlighted the importance of prioritizing ecological preservation and restoration in the region, and emphasized the need for the conservation and effective use of water resources, flood prevention, and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin. Li also spoke about the importance of promoting and preserving the Yellow River culture and ensuring holistic management of the entire river basin.

It is clear from Li’s remarks that the NPC Standing Committee is taking the protection of the Yellow River seriously. The Yellow River is one of China’s most important rivers, and it is essential that it is preserved for future generations.

Li also emphasized the role of governments at all levels and relevant departments in the implementation of the law. He called for their cooperation to fulfill their legal duties, and ensure the successful implementation of the Yellow River protection law.

The Yellow River protection law was adopted in October 2022, and is scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2023. This law offers a critical framework for the protection of the Yellow River basin, and it is important that it is implemented effectively. Li’s remarks show that the Chinese government is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainable development of the country.

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