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Festival Croisements: Cross-Cultural Program in China

CultureArtFestival Croisements: Cross-Cultural Program in China

The Book of Fan Shengzhi is considered the oldest agriculture book written in China around the first century BC. It was written by Fan Shengzhi, who was not only an author but also an agronomist. In his book, Fan Shengzhi emphasized the importance of timing in cultivation. He believed that catching the right moment was crucial for a successful harvest. He wrote, “the essence of cultivation is to catch up with the right moment.”

According to Fan Shengzhi, the right moment to start cultivation is when the land thaws after the start of spring. He believed that during this time, the chi energy rises from the Earth and begins to flow. The soil also loosens up for the first time, making it easier to cultivate. Fan Shengzhi’s ideas about cultivation were not just about the physical act of farming, but also about the spiritual connection between people and the Earth.

The message of Fan Shengzhi’s book has inspired an art exhibition called Bon Moment, which is currently on display at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition features the works of 13 Chinese and French contemporary artists who have come together to exchange views on shared topics, including the relationship between people and the Earth, the unknown, loneliness, and death.

The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of anticipating and respecting the natural cycles of the Earth. The artists hope to inspire visitors to think more deeply about their relationship with the planet and the role they play in shaping its future. Through their works, they explore the themes of harmony and unity between humans and nature.

The Bon Moment exhibition is a cross-cultural collaboration between Chinese and French artists. It showcases a range of different artistic styles, from paintings and sculptures to installations and videos. The works on display offer a unique perspective on the shared concerns and interests of the artists involved.

By bringing together artists from different backgrounds and cultures, the exhibition encourages a dialogue about the challenges facing our planet and the role that art can play in addressing them. It offers a space for reflection and contemplation on the importance of our relationship with the Earth and the need to protect it for future generations.

The  Bon Moment exhibition is a celebration of the ancient wisdom of Fan Shengzhi’s book and its continued relevance in today’s world. Through the works of contemporary artists, the exhibition offers a thought-provoking exploration of the themes of nature, humanity, and the connection between the two. It is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of art and the environment.

The opening of the Bon Moment exhibition marked the start of the 17th edition of Festival Croisements, a comprehensive cross-cultural program in China. The exhibition was unveiled by the visiting French President Emmanuel Macron, who also toured several other exhibitions at the Red Brick Art Museum and engaged in discussions with the featured artists.

This year’s Festival Croisements program will showcase around 65 shows, performances, and events across more than 20 cities in China from April to July. The program aims to foster greater cultural exchange and understanding between China and France through various art forms.

The Red Brick Art Museum has played a significant role in introducing contemporary works of French artists and those living in France to the Chinese audience. Its founder, Yan Shijie, was awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Orders of Arts and Letters) by the French government in 2019 at the opening of the 14th Festival Croisements.

The exhibition, Bon Moment, is one of many events under the Festival Croisements program. Its cross-cultural collaboration between Chinese and French contemporary artists promotes dialogue and exchange of ideas on shared topics.

The exhibition provides a platform for artists to express their thoughts on the relationship between humans and nature, emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. Through their works, the artists seek to raise awareness about environmental issues and the need for sustainable practices.

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