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Beijing Culture Forum 2023: A Global Cultural Confluence

CultureBeijing Culture Forum 2023: A Global Cultural Confluence

The Beijing Culture Forum, under the banner “inheriting cultural legacies and promoting exchanges and cooperation,” opened its doors in Beijing, signaling the beginning of an extensive program promoting the cultural heritage and its global influence. Taking place over two days, the forum boasts a series of cultural activities set to run through October.

This year, the Beijing Culture Forum has expanded its horizons, evolving into a platform of national and international significance. This transformation not only showcases China’s commitment to fostering domestic cultural appreciation but also to facilitating global cultural exchanges. Over 600 delegates, both domestic and international, are anticipated to attend and participate in the five themed forums. These discussions will delve into crucial topics such as the conservation and inheritance of cultural heritage, the melding of culture with technology, psychological shaping through culture, the integration of culture and tourism, and the importance of intercultural understanding and shared learning.

Zhang Yiwu, a renowned scholar from Peking University, highlighted the forum’s growing significance, pointing out its potential to champion mutual learning and understanding between diverse civilizations. Furthermore, Fan Di’an, the president of the China Artists Association, emphasized the importance of the forum as a space to display the innovative strides in Chinese culture and arts, allowing China’s rich cultural narrative to resonate globally.

Beijing’s stature as the national cultural hub is evident in its initiatives. The city has been at the forefront of historical conservation, notably with projects such as the Central Axis, aiming to protect the heart of the old city. Furthermore, the city has rolled out over 100 restoration initiatives for cultural relics. In a nod to the marriage of tradition with modernity, 11 national culture and technology integration bases have been established to catalyze the growth of the cultural sector.

A significant highlight of the forum is the cultural carnival. Designed to be inclusive, the carnival invites individuals of all age brackets to partake in diverse activities. Notably, the Ditan Book Fair makes a triumphant return after a decade-long hiatus. The fair, reminiscent of the 1990s, holds a special place in the hearts of many, including Li Xiaochuan, a long-time Beijing resident. Li reminisced about the golden hues of gingko trees in the park during the fair and expressed his enthusiasm for what he sees as a vital cultural revival for the capital. This year’s fair offers a staggering variety of over 400,000 books, attracting a daily footfall of nearly 100,000 enthusiasts.

The cultural season also promises to be a treat for the public, with the distribution of 10,000 discount coupons and the staging of 30 classic dramas, encapsulating dance dramas, operas, musicals, and concerts. As Chen Pingyuan, director of the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University, aptly put it, the forum seamlessly blends various facets of culture to voice a unified message of shared human experience.


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