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Dulwich College Beijing Hosts Inspirational Book Sharing Event

CultureBooksDulwich College Beijing Hosts Inspirational Book Sharing Event

Dulwich College in Beijing recently celebrated a book sharing event, inspired by the “My Reading Life” essay contest initiated earlier in 2023. This initiative sought to ignite the flame of passion for reading among middle school students by having them pen down their personal reading journeys. A commendable 21 essays were showcased in a prominent newspaper.

Saturday’s gathering was a collaborative effort between Dulwich College Beijing, the Taofen Foundation, and a leading Chinese newspaper. The day was punctuated with diverse activities, starting with the dulcet tones of jazz numbers Bossa Madeira and All of Me, presented by the Dulwich student music band. Subsequent to the musical treat, representatives from the organizing bodies stepped up to share their thoughts, making it one of the day’s focal points.

Bai Long, a seasoned figure in the media industry and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of a leading Chinese newspaper, delved into his reading experiences, highlighting “An Odyssey: A Father, A Son, and An Epic” by American author Daniel Mendelsohn. Bai expressed the deep connection he felt to the book, noting how it intertwined classic Greek tales with poignant father-son moments. He was particularly moved by the shared experience of reading the book with his child, highlighting the timeless bond created through shared stories.

Nie Zhenning, Chairman of the Taofen Foundation and a stalwart of the Chinese publishing sector, emphasized the paramount importance of bolstering reading skills among students. He presented three reading strategies: “Using the mind,” “Using the hand,” and “Not being afraid to speak.”

Dulwich College Beijing’s Principal, Anthony Coles, lauded the initiative for offering a pivotal platform to foster knowledge dissemination. The event also featured a panel discussion with esteemed personalities like Robert Walker from Oxford University, Li Wenru of the Palace Museum, renowned film director Ning Jingwu, actress Tan Zhuo, and TV host Sun Yi, popularly referred to as “Xiaoyu sister.”

These luminaries presented varied perspectives on reading. Director Ning, for instance, introduced his “walking along reading” technique, promoting the idea of merging travel with literary exploration. Tan Zhuo and Li Wenru both encouraged students to delve into classic literature.

Student representatives Zhou Kanhe and Chen Yanle shared insights into their favorite authors and their views on reading. Their comments provided a glimpse into the maturing critical thought processes of China’s younger generation about literature.

The event also carved out time for a lively Q&A session, allowing the audience to engage with the panelists. Lareina Li, a 10th-grade student, expertly moderated the day’s proceedings. Additionally, students Brandon Wang and Hillary Tian raised stimulating queries during the panel discussion. The event was rounded off with a moving guqin performance by 11th grader, Evan Yi.

In spite of an impending exam, Zhou Kanhe expressed her gratitude for the platform, recognizing its potential in influencing young readers like her.


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