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Golden Panda Awards Debut with Cultural Showcase in Chengdu

CultureArtGolden Panda Awards Debut with Cultural Showcase in Chengdu

Chengdu, located in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, played host to the inaugural event of the Golden Panda Awards, which commenced with the compelling film, “I Love Dunhuang.”

This movie, crafted under the direction and penmanship of Miao Yue, showcases the talents of Chen Jin, Lin Yongjian, Huang Pinyuan, and Zhang Zhengyong. “I Love Dunhuang” navigates the rich tapestry of Dunhuang’s art and culture, spotlighting the legacy of several generations who have upheld the legacy of the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, located in Northwest Gansu Province. The Mogao Caves, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, encapsulate a vibrant history, and the film beautifully captures the dedication and passion of those who’ve committed their lives to protect, study, and pass down the essence of these caves.

Director Miao Yue expressed how bringing the film and the profound story of Fan Jinshi, often referred to as the “Daughter of Dunhuang” for her unwavering commitment to Dunhuang’s preservation, to the people of Sichuan holds profound cultural resonance.

The Golden Panda Awards, spearheaded by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in collaboration with the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, is a biennial event that finds its permanent home in Sichuan. This event is distinct from other awards ceremonies. While it is international in its scope, its aim isn’t purely to acknowledge cinematic and television achievements but to endorse the broader idea of global unity and shared experiences.

The event is divided into four award segments: film, TV series, documentaries, and animation. The main attractions of the award ceremony encompass the Night of Golden Panda, Golden Panda International Cultural Forum, and the Golden Panda Gala. These are complemented by supporting events like cultural visits, public movie screenings, and innovative exhibitions.

Film enthusiasts will be treated to a diverse array of 36 films till September 21. The selection boasts not only of Chinese masterpieces such as “The Wandering Earth” but also embraces global classics like “The Father” and “The Son.” And for those who wish for a deeper dive, post-screening meetings with cast members are set up, allowing fans to engage and discuss the cinematic creations.


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