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China Acrobatic Troupe Wins Gold Award at Russian Circus Arts Festival

CultureArtChina Acrobatic Troupe Wins Gold Award at Russian Circus Arts Festival

The China Acrobatic Troupe has achieved international acclaim by winning the prestigious “Gold Award” at the second Russian “Without Borders” International Circus Arts Festival held in St. Petersburg. This achievement has not only brought honor to the troupe but also signaled the revival of China’s overseas performance market, which had faced a three-year period of stagnation.

The festival, jointly organized by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Russian National Circus Company, featured a total of 22 outstanding programs from 16 countries. These performances encompassed various genres, including aerial acts, clown routines, and thrilling acrobatic displays.

The China Acrobatic Troupe’s winning act was a mesmerizing diabolo performance that has been in their repertoire since 2003. This program is a fusion of traditional Chinese acrobatics with elements from Peking Opera. The incorporation of Peking Opera features, such as feathers from Peking Opera costumes, has elevated the artistic and technical demands of the diabolo act. Furthermore, it has brought a transformative change to the stage presence of the performers, imbuing the classic Peking Opera charm with distinct Chinese elements.

Li Chi, the head of the China Acrobatic Troupe, expressed the significance of their participation in the international circus festival as a pivotal step in seizing opportunities and revitalizing the international performance market. In addition to their success in St. Petersburg, the troupe has also received commercial performance invitations from countries including Turkey and Hungary.

The China Acrobatic Troupe’s diabolo act not only showcased their exceptional skills but also highlighted the rich cultural heritage of China on the global stage. Their victory at the festival serves as a testament to the troupe’s dedication to preserving traditional arts while embracing innovation and international collaboration.


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