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Chloé Silbano’s Resonance with Beijing: A Vivid Display at Yishu 8 Art Center

CultureArtChloé Silbano's Resonance with Beijing: A Vivid Display at Yishu 8 Art Center

Beijing’s Yishu 8 Art Center, historically the grounds of the prestigious Sino-French University, is presently hosting a captivating exhibition titled (se) déplacer, a masterpiece residency collection by the renowned French visual artist Chloé Silbano. Scheduled to captivate audiences until October 12, the exhibit showcases a curated selection of 12 exquisite oil paintings, each a testament to Silbano’s profound connection with the city during her month-long stay.

Born in the culturally rich year of 1986, Chloé Silbano, a native Parisian, has established herself in the world of art through her diverse engagements with painting, sculpture, and video creation. Her commendable expertise was duly recognized when she was honored with the Yishu 8 French Young Artist Award in 2020. This accolade set the stage for her voyage to Beijing in early August, marking the commencement of an exciting new artistic residency and a phase of immersive creation.

The French Ambassador to China, Bertrand Lortholary, eloquently encapsulated the essence of Silbano’s work in his address during the exhibition’s opening ceremony. He praised her keen ability to absorb and portray the very soul of Beijing, seamlessly blending her artistic flair with the pulse of the city. As the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France looms on the horizon, Lortholary expressed eager anticipation for Yishu 8’s continued contributions to the vibrant tapestry of cross-cultural artistic relations.

During her intimate acquaintance with the city, Silbano chose to reside in the heart of Beijing. She developed a daily ritual, where she would traverse 10 kilometers of the city’s sprawling expanses. Meandering through its bustling streets, quiet alleys, and verdant parks, Silbano became an observer, absorbing the city’s every nuance. Her fascination was particularly piqued by the “Chinese red” that seemed to imbue the city’s essence. From the majestic ancient walls that have stood the test of time to the traditional garments adorned by locals, Silbano discerned an underlying narrative of the Chinese populace’s affinity for this vibrant hue.

One of her most compelling pieces, an oil painting titled “Untitled,” crafted during her Beijing sojourn, mirrors this fascination. In a bold departure from her usual palette, Silbano experimented with a dominant red canvas. With deft strokes of white paint, she crafted a visual spectacle, an ambiance that, to her, was quintessentially Beijing.


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