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Yang Liuyi’s Urban Landscape Paintings: Celebrating Beijing’s Central Axis

CultureYang Liuyi's Urban Landscape Paintings: Celebrating Beijing's Central Axis

In the heart of Beijing, an exquisite exhibition of urban landscape paintings by the celebrated artist Yang Liuyi is currently on display. Yang’s collection spotlights the iconic Beijing Central Axis and its surrounding scenic treasures, offering a visual feast for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs.

Yang Liuyi, a renowned painter known for his mastery of the craft, presents over 80 of his masterpieces in this exhibition. His art beautifully captures the essence of Beijing’s Central Axis, a 7.8-kilometer-long “ruler” that stretches from north to south through the heart of China’s capital. This axis, like a vital backbone, has played a crucial role in shaping the city’s development, marking the progress of China’s growth.

The Beijing Central Axis is far more than a mere physical line in urban design; it’s a profound, abstract representation entwined with history and culture. In 2022, this remarkable axis was nominated as a candidate for the prestigious 2024 World Cultural Heritage status, recognizing its immense significance.

Inspired by the rich historical, cultural, and natural beauty of the Beijing Central Axis, Yang Liuyi embarked on a creative journey, resulting in a captivating series of urban landscape paintings, each centered around this symbolic motif. Yang, a pioneer in the realm of Chinese urban landscape painting, is renowned for his unique ability to seamlessly blend cultural and natural landscapes in his works.

As you explore Yang Liuyi’s urban landscape paintings, you’ll be transported into a world where history, culture, and nature harmoniously converge along the axis. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to witness the artistry of a true master and to appreciate the profound significance of the Beijing Central Axis.

The exhibition will run until October 15, offering a limited window to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Yang Liuyi’s artistic interpretation of Beijing’s Central Axis. It’s a celebration of culture, history, and the timeless beauty that defines this iconic urban landscape.


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