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Peking University’s Grand International Culture Festival 2023

CulturePeking University's Grand International Culture Festival 2023

Peking University, one of China’s premier institutions, once again became a melting pot of cultures during its 2023 International Culture Festival. With the evocative theme, “Meet the World at PKU,” the festival started on October 21, turning the campus into a vibrant mosaic of diverse traditions, art, and values.

This annual celebration witnessed participation from students representing over 100 countries and regions. The presence of several international dignitaries, including the Georgian Ambassador to China, Archil Kalandia, and ambassadors from nations like Jordan, Venezuela, Grenada, Cuba, Thailand, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Mexico, further underscored the significance of this event.

Ambassador Kalandia, in his address at the opening ceremony, highlighted the importance of fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among the younger generation. He stated that such events were pivotal in helping young minds explore the core values inherent in varied cultural contexts. Further emphasizing the role of higher education, Kalandia expressed his conviction that educational institutions like Peking University are crucial hubs to enhance international cooperation. Echoing this sentiment, he urged students and educators from Georgia and China to delve deeper into international exchange programs, paving the way for increased mutual respect and understanding. Kalandia’s speech resonated with the overarching sentiment of the festival, underlining the importance of educational collaboration as a bridge between nations.

The 2023 edition of the festival was laden with activities that catered to a plethora of interests. A particular highlight was the themed garden tour, aptly named “Meet the World at PKU.” This expansive setup comprised over 50 booths, each dedicated to 47 different countries and regions spanning five continents. International students took immense pride in curating these booths, showcasing their rich histories, traditions, and unique cultural nuances. These booths became immersive experiences, enabling attendees to journey across the globe, appreciating the varied social customs and traditions.

Food enthusiasts had a treat awaiting them at the world food court. An international food festival, it presented attendees with a gastronomic journey, offering authentic flavors from around the globe. For the intellectually inclined, a chess tour through Yanyuan in Peking University provided a unique blend of strategy and cultural insight.

Since its inception in 2004, the Peking University International Culture Festival has consistently grown in stature and diversity. While October marked the onset of this cultural extravaganza, a slew of activities is scheduled through December. From a singing contest spotlighting the vocal talents of international students to intriguing international youth speeches, movie viewings, and a captivating photography exhibition, the festival promises to be a holistic celebration of global cultures.


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