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Artistic Initiatives: From Young Dreamers in Beijing to Da Vinci’s Secrets

CultureArtArtistic Initiatives: From Young Dreamers in Beijing to Da Vinci's Secrets

In the bustling city of Beijing, as the summer heat gave way to the anticipation of a new academic year in September, an innovative initiative set the stage for children to dive deep into the world of arts. Traditionally, the long summer break offers teenagers a plethora of activities, from exciting sports to enlightening exhibitions. However, a rising trend shows children eager to dedicate their holidays to igniting their artistic sparks.

Heeding this artistic call, a collaboration was forged between professional aesthetic institutions and the Beijing government. They embarked on a mission to curate a uniquely enriching experience for the young souls of the city, christened the “2023 Colorful Dream Art Class.”

Spanning until the end of August, educators meticulously crafted a diverse curriculum tailored for these young minds. This spectrum of courses ranged from the elegant strokes of traditional Chinese painting to the intricate art of seal cutting, intending to immerse students in the rich tapestry of Chinese artistry. Moreover, to cultivate a global perspective, courses on oil painting introduced them to styles from around the world.

The core of this program wasn’t merely to teach art but to transform it into a tool. A tool that would broaden horizons, enhance hands-on skills, and ultimately uplift the self-confidence of each child. A project leader eloquently encapsulated the vision, saying, “We aim for aesthetic education that resonates beauty deep within these children.”

Echoing this sentiment, parents and students alike vouched for the transformative impact of the initiative. Sun Jiayi, a budding artist who attended the class, voiced her gratitude, emphasizing the novelty and enriching challenges posed by the courses.

While young artists in Beijing were engrossed in their summer class, art enthusiasts worldwide had an equally riveting treat awaiting them. The renowned Paragon Book Gallery announced an insightful online lecture by Martin Kemp, the emeritus professor of art history from the University of Oxford. Kemp, who boasts over half a century of in-depth research on the genius Leonardo da Vinci, promises an authoritative exploration into the ‘Salvator Mundi’ – a masterpiece that once claimed the title of the “most expensive painting in history” at Christie’s auction house in 2017.

Though initially perceived as a mere replica, the ‘Salvator Mundi’ underwent meticulous research and restoration, piquing scholars’ interests globally. Kemp, an instrumental voice in this discourse, will delve deep into this mystery.

Spanning six lessons with nineteen sections, Kemp’s course promises a journey. Attendees will traverse through Da Vinci’s intricate manuscripts, his unparalleled art, and an in-depth look into his groundbreaking scientific explorations.

These two distinct yet profound initiatives underscore the essence and power of art – to enlighten, inspire, and transcend boundaries.


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