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“Think Like A Dog” Wins at Chinese American Film Festival

Culture"Think Like A Dog" Wins at Chinese American Film Festival

The family-oriented feature film “Think Like A Dog,” a joint cinematic endeavor between China and the United States, made its grand entrance on the silver screen this Saturday. The film’s premiere was a highlight at the prestigious 19th Chinese American Film Festival and the concurrent Chinese American Television Festival, hosted in the city of Los Angeles.

The celebratory event, which also hosted a “Happy Family Day,” attracted close to 200 families at an Alhambra theater in Los Angeles County. Attendees of all ages were drawn into a heartwarming world where the cultural tapestry of China and America weaves the backdrop for an extraordinary tale of friendship and adventure.

The plot of “Think Like A Dog” unfolds around a young Chinese boy named Xiaoxiao and his American counterpart, Oliver, whose life takes an unexpected turn when Oliver discovers he can hear the thoughts of his dog. This newfound ability is the key to an adventure that sees boy and dog collaborate in a mission to overcome challenges and bring their families closer together. It’s a story that speaks the universal language of friendship, loyalty, and the enduring bonds of family.

This cinematic work, which earned the accolade for Best China-US Co-Production Film, stands as a testament to the power of international cooperation in the arts. It is a narrative that resonates with a diverse audience, navigating the blend of cultural experiences and the essence of shared values that transcend geographical boundaries.

US Congresswoman Judy Chu, speaking at the event, celebrated the film’s unique ability to merge elements from Chinese and American cultures, creating an engaging and relatable experience for viewers worldwide. The film’s universal appeal and its underlying message of cross-cultural friendship and empathy are a fitting nod to the festivals’ overarching themes of cultural exchange and cinematic collaboration.

The film festivals themselves kicked off on a vibrant Wednesday evening in Los Angeles, boasting an impressive array of over 500 film and television submissions. Within this competitive showcase, “Think Like A Dog” distinguished itself among the various entries, culminating in its recognition with the Golden Angel Award, one of the ten prestigious accolades distributed during the festivals.

The award-winning feature “Think Like A Dog” stands as a shining example of the cinematic synergy that can be achieved through international collaboration. As families gathered in the theater, the laughter and engagement of the audience served as a living canvas for the film’s success in touching hearts and bridging cultures. It underscores the festivals’ mission to promote unity and understanding through the universal medium of film and television, a goal that continues to draw creatives and audiences alike in a celebration of the art form’s potential to connect and inspire across any divide.


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