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Shanghai Majestic Theatre to Host ‘Qu Yuan’: A Historical Drama

CultureShanghai Majestic Theatre to Host 'Qu Yuan': A Historical Drama

The upcoming weekend at Shanghai’s Majestic Theatre promises to be a mesmerizing journey through time with the staging of the historical drama ‘Qu Yuan.’ This play brings to life the story of Qu Yuan, a revered statesman and poet from the State of Chu during the tumultuous Warring States Period (475BC-221BC), an era marking a significant chapter in ancient Chinese history.

‘Qu Yuan’ delves into the life and times of its titular character, a man who witnessed the fall of his beloved Chu’s capital, the displacement of its people, and the loss of its land. Staying true to his convictions, Qu Yuan resisted aligning with corrupt officials or succumbing to oppressive forces. His ultimate act of patriotism and despair was to drown himself in the Miluo River in Central China’s Hunan Province, a sacrifice that has echoed through more than two millennia of Chinese history.

The narrative structure of the play is intriguing, employing flashbacks to recount Qu Yuan’s final days before his tragic demise. This approach, as highlighted by the play’s director Guo Xiaonan, is intended to be the focal point of the production. Guo, in an exclusive interview, revealed his deep understanding of Qu’s character, describing him as a person with a profound sense of spiritual loneliness, stemming from his immense love for humanity and his state. Guo views Qu’s death not as mere suicide but as the sublimation of his soul, an act that has immensely influenced Chinese culture.

Qu Yuan’s death was so impactful that it led to the creation of the Dragon Boat Festival, one of China’s most significant and time-honored traditions. This festival, held annually on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, is a tribute to his memory.

Qu Yuan’s global recognition as one of the world’s four literary celebrities by the World Peace Council in 1953, alongside Francois Rabelais, Nicolaus Copernicus, and William Shakespeare, highlights his enduring legacy. His works, such as ‘Chu Ci’ (Songs of Chu) and ‘Jiu Ge’ (The Nine Songs), are not only treasured in China but have also left an indelible mark on world literature. These masterpieces will be woven into the drama, aiming to create a profound emotional connection with the audience.

The play will also feature one of Qu’s most famous lines, reflecting the human quest for life’s meaning and the spirit of perseverance. Beyond Qu’s personal journey, the drama will showcase the culture of his homeland, Chu. This includes representations of lacquerwares, bronze wares, and traditional dances, offering a glimpse into the rich and diverse culture of early Chinese civilization.

Produced by the Hubei Changjiang People’s Art Theatre and Hubei Sanxia Performance Arts Group, ‘Qu Yuan’ is part of the ongoing 22nd China Shanghai International Arts Festival. The play’s portrayal of Qu Yuan’s life, his cultural significance, and the charm of Chu culture is expected to captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression of one of China’s most celebrated historical figures.


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