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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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“Bleu Royal” Diamond Fetches $43.8 Million at Christie’s Geneva Auction

Lifestyle"Bleu Royal" Diamond Fetches $43.8 Million at Christie's Geneva Auction

In a remarkable display of luxury and rarity, the “Bleu Royal,” a vivid blue diamond known for its flawless clarity and striking hue, was sold for an astounding $43.8 million at a Christie’s auction in Geneva. This sale not only set a new record for the largest internally flawless fancy vivid blue diamond ever auctioned but also underscored the enduring allure of rare gemstones in the world of high-end collectibles.

Weighing in at a remarkable 17.6 carats, the “Bleu Royal” was among the rarest gems to surface in the world of fine jewelry. Its pre-sale estimate of up to $50 million reflected its uniqueness and the anticipation it generated among collectors and enthusiasts. Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s International Head of Jewellery, expressed his satisfaction with the sale, acknowledging the significant amount fetched by the stone amidst the current global economic scenario.

Max Fawcett, head of Christie’s jewellery department in Geneva, commented on the distinct attributes that set the “Bleu Royal” apart. Its deep, rich blue color and the unmodified pear brilliant shape made it an extraordinary piece. This combination of features captivated collectors globally, drawing interest from the Far East to America. Fawcett expressed his delight at the result, which was a testament to the diamond’s exceptional appeal.

The auction event, held on Tuesday, was a showcase of dozens of rare jewelry pieces, culminating in sales exceeding $77 million. This impressive figure highlighted the robustness of the market for unique and high-value items. Fawcett noted that colored stones and signed jewelry were particularly well-received, indicating a strong demand for rare and exquisite pieces among collectors.

In a separate but equally noteworthy auction held the previous day, Christie’s achieved another milestone with the sale of a Rolex wristwatch famously worn by actor Marlon Brando in the 1979 film “Apocalypse Now.” The watch, notable for Brando’s signature engraved on the back, fetched over 4.5 million Swiss francs (approximately $4.99 million). This sale marked a significant increase from its previous auction price of 2 million Swiss francs two years prior, showcasing the growing interest in celebrity-associated memorabilia.

The record-breaking sale of the “Bleu Royal” diamond, along with the successful auction of Brando’s Rolex, highlights the vibrant and dynamic nature of the luxury collectibles market. These sales not only represent significant financial transactions but also underscore the cultural and historical value that such items hold for collectors and admirers of fine craftsmanship and legacy. Christie’s role in facilitating these transactions further cements its position as a leading authority in the auctioning of rare and valuable items.


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