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Triumph Over Pain: Sujal Mahbubani’s Journey from Injury to Healing

LifestyleTriumph Over Pain: Sujal Mahbubani's Journey from Injury to Healing

Sujal Mahbubani‘s life took an unexpected turn in 2001 when a work-related injury on a flight led to chronic pain that would shape the next decades of her life. The incident, which occurred when Mahbubani was a 33-year-old flight attendant, involved a fall that resulted in a broken tailbone and unending discomfort. Residing in Hong Kong for over 30 years, the India-born Mahbubani faced a challenging journey marked by painkillers, depression, and a constant search for relief.

In the initial years following the accident, Mahbubani’s routine was dominated by medication and physiotherapy, with little relief in sight. The impact on her mental health was significant, leading her to counseling for pain management and depression. The prescribed medications, including Prozac and Valium, led to weight gain and further emotional distress. Despite her struggles, Mahbubani maintained a sense of humor, often finding laughter in the midst of her challenges.

The turning point in her journey came when she decided to explore holistic approaches to manage her pain. This included Pilates for core strengthening and a deep dive into various energy healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Yuen method, and havening. These alternative therapies helped her gradually wean off her medications without withdrawal symptoms and regain some control over her life.

Mahbubani’s dedication also led her to become an EFT practitioner and explore yoga more deeply. She embarked on a yoga teacher training course, a challenging endeavor given her condition, but her persistence paid off. Her interest in yoga was further fueled by a desire to help her children, who suffered from allergies, leading her to specialize in yoga for kids. Despite the physical toll these practices took on her body, Mahbubani’s resilience shone through.

Today, Mahbubani leads yoga sessions at the United Services Recreation Club in Kowloon and continues to explore various healing techniques. A recent photo of her in red heels symbolizes the tremendous progress she has made on her path to healing. Her journey is a testament to the power of never giving up, even in the face of daunting health challenges.

Mahbubani’s story is one of transformation and hope, demonstrating that internal change is possible with commitment and discipline. Her message is clear: never let anyone dictate your capabilities and always seek ways to feel better, no matter how small. Her experience serves as an inspiration to others dealing with chronic pain, showing that with perseverance, healing and a better quality of life are within reach.


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