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China’s Football Ambition Hurdles

SportsChina's Football Ambition Hurdles

Despite the criticism from Isecke, the Chinese government remains committed to its goal of becoming a football superpower. The country has been running a nationwide football program since 2015, and it has been designated as an official state goal by President Xi Jinping. China aims to have the best men’s team in Asia by 2030, and the best in the world by 2050.

To achieve these ambitious goals, China has been investing heavily in the sport. This includes funding for new football schools and academies, as well as the recruitment of international coaches to improve the standard of coaching in the country. Additionally, the Chinese government has been working to grow the popularity of football among the youth through various initiatives, such as the implementation of football in the school curriculum.

While it may take some time for China to achieve its goals, the country’s commitment and resources towards football are a clear indication of its determination to become a football heavyweight.

Despite the current challenges, China is pursuing its football ambitions aggressively. The nationwide football program, initiated by President Xi Jinping, has been in place since 2015 and has been formalized as an official state goal. This goal is ambitious: to make the Chinese men’s team the best in Asia by 2030 and the best in the world by 2050.

However, the country currently faces many obstacles to achieving its goals. China is currently ranked 79th in the FIFA world rankings and has only ever participated in one World Cup, which was in 2002. The team did not qualify for the World Cup this year. To reach its targets, China will need to address the issues in its youth training programs and develop a more comprehensive strategy to improve its performance at the international level.

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