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Jordan’s Unwavering Support to Flood-Stricken Libya

WorldAfricaJordan's Unwavering Support to Flood-Stricken Libya

In the midst of a heart-rending calamity that has gripped eastern Libya, Jordan has risen as a beacon of support and solidarity. For the second time in a short span, Jordan dispatched a plane loaded with humanitarian assistance and a dedicated rescue team to aid Libya in its dire need. This demonstrates a profound commitment from a nation that understands the importance of lending a hand to its brethren during challenging times.

Jordan’s Proactive Steps

Jordan’s proactive approach can be traced back to the very top. The Foreign Ministry of Jordan shared on Thursday that the dispatching of the plane was under the directive of King Abdullah II. It was not a solitary decision. The mission had been coordinated meticulously with various important entities, including the armed forces, the Public Security Directorate, and the government’s arm dedicated to humanitarian work, the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO).

Details of the Rescue Team

The voice of the Foreign Ministry on this matter, Sinan Majali, provided a more in-depth insight into the makeup of this rescue mission. According to Majali, the team consists of 88 members. Of these, five are specialized physicians, an essential inclusion given the healthcare challenges presented by such massive floods.

But this isn’t the first time this team is taking on a mission of such magnitude. As mentioned in the ministry’s statement, the team has a proven track record, having participated in numerous international rescue missions before. Their experience is a testament to Jordan’s unwavering commitment to global humanitarian causes and a symbol of the expertise that they bring to the table in Libya’s hour of need.

Previous Aid Sent to Libya

Jordan’s assistance to Libya isn’t a one-time affair. Earlier, the nation had sent its first relief plane to the flood-stricken regions of eastern Libya. This plane wasn’t just a symbolic gesture; it was loaded with crucial humanitarian supplies. According to the JHCO, the plane carried essential items such as blankets, mattresses, and foodstuff. In times of disaster, these basic necessities can make the difference between life and death, offering warmth, comfort, and sustenance to those impacted.

Scale of the Tragedy in Libya

To truly grasp the scale of the disaster that has befallen Libya, one needs to look at the numbers. And they are staggering. The storm-induced floods have wreaked havoc in the eastern part of the country. The Tripoli-based emergency services provided an update on the tragic situation. According to their latest data, the death toll stands at a devastating 5,500. But the tragedy doesn’t end there. Approximately 7,000 individuals have sustained injuries, many of which are likely severe given the nature of the disaster. To add to the magnitude of the situation, a whopping 10,000 individuals are reported missing. Their families are caught in an agonizing wait, praying and hoping against hope. The number of displaced persons, those who’ve lost their homes and shelter, has reached 30,000.

The Importance of International Solidarity

Disasters of such magnitude underscore the necessity for international cooperation and solidarity. As nations, we share more than just geographical boundaries. We share human stories, aspirations, dreams, and, unfortunately, also tragedies. When one nation suffers, the ripple effect is felt beyond its borders. Jordan’s actions in aiding Libya showcase the essence of international brotherhood. It’s a gesture that says, “We are with you. You are not alone.”

In times where the world is grappling with various crises, be they political, economic, or environmental, the act of reaching out, of extending a hand, becomes a beacon of hope. Jordan’s repeated endeavors to support Libya in its time of disaster symbolizes this sentiment.

The Road Ahead for Libya

The immediate aftermath of such a disaster requires a two-pronged approach. Firstly, the immediate needs of the victims need to be addressed: medical care, shelter, food, and warmth. Jordan’s assistance is a significant step in this direction. Secondly, the process of rebuilding, both physically and emotionally, will begin. Infrastructure needs to be reconstructed, families need to be reunited, and communities need to heal.


While the floods in Libya present a dire picture, nations like Jordan stepping up to provide aid gives hope. It stands as a testament to the spirit of humanity and the bonds that nations share. In the face of overwhelming tragedy, the resilience of the human spirit, backed by international support, can overcome the most significant challenges.

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