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Huawei Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions for 5.5G Era at Mobile World Congress 2023

BusinessHuawei Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions for 5.5G Era at Mobile World Congress 2023

In its latest bid to revolutionize the 5G era, Huawei Technologies Co has debuted a slew of cutting-edge solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Among the highlights is the complete lineup of One 5G solutions designed to drive all bands to 5G.

During the event, Cao Ming, the President of Huawei’s wireless product line, emphasized the crucial role that the rapid development of 5G will play in the evolution of all bands to 5G. He added that Huawei’s One 5G solutions stand out for their superior performance, simplified deployment, exceptional energy efficiency, and impressive evolution capabilities, all of which are aimed at helping operators maximize the value of each band and continually enhance network capabilities on multiple fronts.

By the close of 2022, 5G had already established itself as a triumph on a global scale, boasting a staggering one billion mobile users connected via the technology. With a user penetration rate exceeding 30 percent and over 30 percent of traffic stemming from 5G, notable operators in China, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland, and Kuwait have achieved unprecedented success. This data, expertly compiled by Huawei, underscores the immense popularity of 5G.

Ookla, the foremost provider of network intelligence and connectivity insights, has released its latest 5G City Benchmark Report, revealing that Huawei has played an indispensable role in 5G network construction in all of the top 10 cities amongst the world’s 40 most 5G-enabled cities. Performance results in these 10 cities demonstrate that Huawei’s 5G networks offer an unparalleled user experience.

Pursuant to Huawei’s vision of “Striding Towards the 5.5G Era” which was unveiled in July 2022, the tech giant has outlined five major characteristics that will come to define the 5.5G era: 10 Gbps experiences, full-scenario interconnection, integrated sensing and communication, level 4 autonomous driving networks, and green information and communications technology.

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