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Premier Li Keqiang outlines China’s focus on self-sufficiency in science and technology

BusinessPremier Li Keqiang outlines China's focus on self-sufficiency in science and technology

In a speech delivered on Sunday, Premier Li Keqiang announced that China will continue its efforts to become self-reliant in science and technology. This includes improving its system for mobilizing resources nationwide and leveraging the role of the government in gathering resources to make key scientific and technological breakthroughs.

According to the Government Work Report, China has made remarkable progress in science and technology over the past five years, with major breakthroughs in areas such as manned spaceflight, lunar and Mars explorations, supercomputing, satellite communication, quantum information technology, nuclear power, aircraft manufacturing and artificial intelligence. The report also emphasizes that future policies related to science and technology should focus on self-sufficiency, with increased support for basic sciences, private enterprises’ role as primary innovators in science and technology, and reforms to better train and utilize scientific talents.

The National Development and Reform Commission also released a report on economic and social development, noting that China has risen to 11th place on the Global Innovation Index 2022, with increasingly stable and resilient industry and supply chains. R&D spending exceeded 3 trillion yuan ($434 billion) for the first time last year, accounting for 2.55% of the country’s GDP.

China will accelerate the advancement of major projects and launch a number of national science and technology projects of strategic, overarching, and long-term importance in key fields. The country will also increase its investment in science and technology through diverse channels, promote closer enterprise-led collaboration among industries, universities, and research institutes, and boost industrial applications of scientific and technological advances.

In addition to these efforts, China will make extensive efforts to help people learn more about science and improve the nation’s science literacy. The Ministry of Finance has also announced a draft budget that will invest more efficiently in science and technology, with necessary funding for research on core technologies and national security.

Overall, China’s commitment to self-reliance in science and technology reflects its aspirations to become a global leader in innovation and technology. With significant progress already made and a clear roadmap for future development, China’s investments in science and technology are poised to drive economic growth, improve people’s lives, and enhance its global competitiveness in the years to come.

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