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Dassault Systemes bullish on China’s economic rebound, plans to expand its presence in the market

BusinessDassault Systemes bullish on China's economic rebound, plans to expand its presence in the market

French industrial software company, Dassault Systemes, is optimistic about the steady economic rebound in China and plans to expand its presence in the market. Zhang Ying, Managing Director of Dassault Systemes Greater China, said the company has seen strong signs of economic recovery in China since the Chinese New Year holiday. With people returning to work, travel and consumption, and the manufacturing sector picking up and heating up at an accelerated pace, Zhang is confident about the company’s economic outlook for this year and its business in China.

According to Zhang, China’s government has pledged more efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment, expand market access, and expand opening-up in the modern services sector, citing the annual Government Work Report delivered at the two sessions on Sunday. Zhang spoke highly of the government’s effective measures to stabilize investment, ensure fair market competition and encourage the healthy development of foreign companies in the country, saying a favorable business environment is a good foundation for companies to do business in China.

Zhang also highlighted China’s ongoing efforts to promote high-quality development, saying it is aimed at achieving quality improvement, structural upgrade, and innovation. He believes that China’s pursuit of high-quality development will further stimulate the innovative power and growth sustainability of China’s economy and also bring development opportunities for enterprises.

Dassault Systemes is experiencing the wave of digital transformation in China, especially in the industrial software sector. The company is seeing a continued increase in digital recognition and investment by many Chinese companies, according to Zhang. Dassault Systemes’ solutions based on virtual twin technology extend from its stronger manufacturing sector to construction, energy, consumer goods, healthcare, and other sectors. The company also sees a huge number of small and medium-sized enterprises with a strong demand for digital technology. Dassault Systemes plans to continue empowering them by expanding its geographical coverage, offering more flexible partnerships, and cloud-based solutions that are suitable for SMEs.

After years of development in the China market, Dassault Systemes said it will continue to work with leading companies to build best practices in key sectors such as manufacturing. The company is also committed to enabling virtual twin solutions to blossom in more industries such as construction, consumer packaged goods, and energy, helping more Chinese companies accelerate their digital transformation.

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