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Female GMs Leading the Way: Marriott and J Hotel Set Examples in China’s Hospitality Industry

BusinessFemale GMs Leading the Way: Marriott and J Hotel Set Examples in China's Hospitality Industry

Zhang Xin has found the hospitality industry to be incredibly appealing, having worked in it for over 25 years, starting as a receptionist and working her way up to the position of General Manager of the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East. Located in an international community in Jinqiao of Shanghai, Zhang enjoys the daily interactions with people from different countries, careers, and traveling purposes. She sees the hotel as a window to the world, and endeavors to pass on her positive experiences to her employees.

At Marriott, Zhang aims to create an environment where her employees feel a sense of belonging, trust, and collaboration, while also having opportunities to grow and succeed. She focuses on catching their outstanding qualities and inspiring them to do their best. In September 2021, Zhang became the first female General Manager of the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East since its debut in early 2013.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Zhang’s hotel recorded a year-on-year increase in local market share of nearly 25 percent in 2022, which was measured by a comprehensive index including occupancy and hotel rates. Zhang believes that female characteristics such as sensibility, perseverance, accountability, a service spirit, empathy, and cooperation enable women to excel in leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

Jenny Zhang, General Manager of the J Hotel Shanghai Tower, encourages women in the industry to pursue their dreams and be true to themselves. Having worked for international hotel brands and several major luxury hotels, she joined J Hotel in July 2021. Jenny Zhang’s dream is to cultivate a Chinese luxury hotel brand and make it a top world brand. J Hotel, which provides one-to-one butler services with guests, is located in Shanghai Tower, the highest building in China. The hotel trains its employees with Chinese culture and traditional skills, such as the tea ceremony, to offer guests a taste of Chinese hospitality while providing international luxury travel and lodging practices.

As a leader, Jenny Zhang upholds the principles of respect, kindness, honesty, and fairness, striving for a team that delivers good business performance. She devotes 100 percent to the job during working hours and then spends time with her family. Sowon Kim, an associate professor at EHL, believes that gender inclusivity should be cultivated in the industry, noting that while the role of women is getting stronger in the industry, representation in the C-suite is still only about 5 percent or less. She encourages women to have confidence in their lives and seize opportunities that are good for them and their environment.

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