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Glamping in China: A Growing Market Despite Pandemic-Induced Challenges

BusinessGlamping in China: A Growing Market Despite Pandemic-Induced Challenges

Glamping became a popular trend in China in 2022, as people sought a way to escape the confines of COVID-19 restrictions and enjoy the outdoors. However, now that interprovincial tours and overseas trips have resumed, it remains to be seen whether glamping will continue to capture the attention of Chinese holidaymakers.

While it is expected that the number of people interested in glamping may decrease as other options become available, it has become an important part of the local tourism industry in China, and is expected to remain so. Experts predict that glamping will continue to satisfy people’s desire to reconnect with nature, and that the market will become more competitive in terms of services and branding.

As tourism consumption upgrades, glamping that offers comfortable accommodations, one-stop services, a relaxed atmosphere, and socializing functions is likely to cater to the leisure needs of the masses. Glamping also provides a unique experience that traditional tourism offerings lack, making it a popular choice among tourists.

To be successful in the glamping business, operators need to understand what their customers want and be able to provide a safe, comfortable, and cost-effective experience. Operators can also create themed glamping experiences to attract different groups of people, such as music-themed camping, outdoor sports gatherings, and art markets.

The return of traditional tourism businesses will provide a boost to the entire tourism market, including glamping. However, glamping is expected to remain an integral part of the tourism industry in China, providing campers with a relaxed feeling of getting close to nature. As such, products focusing on family relations, education, study tours, culinary delights, and outdoor sports are expected to be the soul of glamping.

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