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China’s Quantum Leap: Breakthrough in Quantum System Cooling Tech

BusinessTechnologyChina's Quantum Leap: Breakthrough in Quantum System Cooling Tech

In a remarkable feat of technological advancement, China has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the field of quantum computing. According to reports from Ecns.cn, a Chinese company has recently unveiled a state-of-the-art dilution refrigerator, marking a significant leap in the cooling capabilities of quantum systems. The successful development of this advanced cooling device could potentially reshape the landscape of quantum computing and impact various cutting-edge fields, including condensed matter physics, materials science, and deep space exploration.

Dilution refrigerators, which are pivotal components in superconducting quantum computers, have long been sought after for their ability to create an ultra-low temperature environment, approaching absolute zero. This recent achievement could revolutionize the world of quantum computing and its applications.

The newly unveiled dilution refrigerator, developed by Origin Quantum Computing Technology Co. Ltd., a pioneering company based in Hefei City, located in east China’s Anhui Province, has garnered significant attention from both the scientific community and the tech industry. Origin Quantum is notably China’s first quantum computing company, having achieved the delivery of a superconducting quantum computer in 2021, thus solidifying China’s position as the third country worldwide to have successfully developed and delivered a complete quantum computer.

Mr. Zhang Junfeng, a respected researcher at the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, explained the significance of this groundbreaking achievement. “The dilution refrigerator produced by Origin Quantum can reach an astonishingly low temperature of 12 millikelvins, equivalent to minus 273.138 degrees Celsius,” he stated. Moreover, the device exhibits an impressive cooling time of less than 40 hours, making it a valuable asset in the world of superconducting quantum computing. It also possesses the capability to recover to its original temperature within 24 hours, a crucial attribute for quantum system stability.

This technological advancement opens up new horizons in the rapidly evolving field of quantum computing. Quantum computers have the potential to solve complex problems at speeds that are currently inconceivable for classical computers, and the ability to maintain ultra-low temperatures is essential for the successful operation of these machines.

In addition to its implications for quantum computing, dilution refrigerators play a vital role in various other scientific and technological domains. Condensed matter physics and materials science, which investigate the fundamental properties of matter, are two fields where the cooling capabilities of dilution refrigerators are indispensable. Moreover, the technology holds promise for enhancing deep space exploration by enabling more accurate measurements and observations in extreme, cold environments.

The breakthrough in dilution refrigerator technology is not only a testament to China’s growing prowess in quantum computing but also a significant stride in the nation’s commitment to advancing technology for various scientific and industrial applications. As the world continues to harness the power of quantum computing, China’s contribution to the field promises to be a key driver of innovation and advancement.

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