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Innovative Fusion at the Music Intelligence Summit in Beijing

BusinessInnovative Fusion at the Music Intelligence Summit in Beijing

In the heart of Beijing, the Central Conservatory of Music, in collaboration with the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, has launched the Second Summit on Music Intelligence. This groundbreaking event has become a nexus for leaders and visionaries from music, technology, and science to converge and share insights into the evolving landscape of musical expression and therapeutic innovation.

The summit’s inauguration was marked by a captivating “future concert” at the CCOM Opera Hall, orchestrated under the guidance of Professor Li Xiaobing. This event epitomized the seamless blend of tradition and forward-thinking, encapsulating the essence of the summit’s goal: to navigate the uncharted waters of music’s future through the lens of technology.

The conference’s rich agenda featured a mosaic of keynote addresses, thematic forums, a satellite session, a roundtable on music artificial intelligence, and recognition for excellence across various intersecting disciplines. Adding to the summit’s diverse offerings, an electronic music competition and marathon performance were held, highlighting the creative and technical prowess of contemporary composers and musicians.

The future concert unveiled on the opening evening was an auditory and visual odyssey that demonstrated the boundless potentialities when the arts are married with the latest technological advancements. A team composed of composers, artists, and tech engineers employed tools ranging from AI, brain-computer interfaces, and emotional recognition to virtual avatars and robotic pets. Their collaboration unveiled pieces that resonated with the depths of human emotion and cultural richness, drawing from ancient philosophy, the constructs of space-time, and the intimate territories of inner emotions.

The audience was particularly enthralled by the performances of “Welcome” and “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains,” two compositions birthed by CCOM’s AI composition system. These pieces were brought to life by the CCOM Symphony Orchestra and led by a virtual conductor, showcasing the harmonious potential between AI and human artistry.

In the spirit of the summit, CCOM President Yu Feng lauded the inaugural event’s achievements and highlighted the critical convergence of AI and brain science, stressing the societal value of such cross-disciplinary endeavors. This sentiment was echoed by Professor Dai Qionghai of Tsinghua University, who, during his address, underscored the inevitability and necessity of integrating music with cutting-edge technology for the advancement and revitalization of the music industry.

A momentous highlight of the ceremony was the unveiling of the Music Metaverse Laboratory. This innovative venture, a partnership between CCOM and the Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology, aims to delve into the possibilities of virtual performances, music in digital realms, and robotics, setting the stage for future explorations in the music metaverse.

The Second Summit on Music Intelligence has thus established itself as a vital forum for the exchange of ideas and the exhibition of technological applications in music, poised to inspire and shape the trajectory of musical exploration for years to come.


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