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China-Malaysia Partnership Strengthens with Enhanced Cooperation and Cultural Exchanges

ChinaChina-Malaysia Partnership Strengthens with Enhanced Cooperation and Cultural Exchanges

China and Malaysia have expressed their commitment to strengthening practical cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two nations. Zhao Leji, the chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPC), concluded his three-day visit to Malaysia on Saturday after holding meetings with key Malaysian leaders, including the Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, and Speaker of the lower house of parliament Johari Abdul.

During his meeting with the Malaysian king, Zhao acknowledged the sound and stable relations between China and Malaysia. He highlighted the significant progress made in practical cooperation between the two countries under the strategic guidance of their leaders. Zhao further emphasized that this year commemorates the 10th anniversary of the China-Malaysia comprehensive strategic partnership, while next year will mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties. In light of these milestones, he expressed China’s readiness to work with Malaysia to build a China-Malaysia community with a shared future at a high level and quality.

King Abdullah, recognizing that bilateral relations are at their historical best, stressed the importance of strengthening practical cooperation and deepening cultural exchanges between Malaysia and China. He expressed the belief that such efforts would further enhance the Malaysia-China relationship over the next 50 years.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Anwar, Zhao reiterated the significance of practical cooperation and cultural and people-to-people exchanges as the twin engines driving the development of Malaysia-China relations. He expressed his hope that both nations would collaboratively build the Belt and Road initiative with high quality and expand cooperation across various sectors. Zhao also emphasized China’s willingness to enhance cultural exchanges with Malaysia, particularly among the youth, to foster mutual understanding between the two peoples.

Prime Minister Anwar affirmed Malaysia’s high regard for its relationship with China and expressed its willingness to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership. He reiterated Malaysia’s commitment to jointly building the Malaysia-China community with a shared future. The prime minister acknowledged China as a trustworthy and good friend and expressed Malaysia’s readiness to continue promoting the high-quality construction of the Belt and Road initiative. He further emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation in diverse fields, including trade and investment, digital economy, agriculture, poverty reduction, culture, tourism, and youth engagement. Anwar also highlighted the significance of advancing major projects such as the “Two Countries, Twin Parks,” with the aim of benefiting the people of both nations.

The meetings between Zhao Leji and the Malaysian leaders testify to the strong bilateral ties and the mutual commitment to further enhance cooperation between China and Malaysia. With the 10th anniversary of their comprehensive strategic partnership and the upcoming 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, both nations are poised to deepen their collaboration and promote a shared future. Through practical cooperation, cultural exchanges, and people-to-people interactions, China and Malaysia aim to forge even closer ties and bring about mutual benefits for their respective populations.

During his meeting with Johari, Zhao emphasized the importance of developing bilateral ties guided by the joint efforts of building the China-Malaysia community with a shared future. He called for closer mutually beneficial cooperation and cultural and people-to-people exchanges, emphasizing the need to create a favorable external environment supporting both countries’ common development. Zhao highlighted that strengthening these ties would contribute to the overall prosperity of the two nations.

Recognizing the significance of parliamentary exchanges, Zhao expressed the willingness of China’s NPC to enhance exchanges with the parliament of Malaysia at all levels. He emphasized the importance of sharing experiences to provide policy and legal guarantees for cooperation between the two countries. Both nations can strengthen their legislative frameworks by facilitating dialogue and collaboration and creating a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Johari, in response, expressed his hope for strengthened friendly exchanges with China’s NPC. He underscored the importance of closer exchanges between lawmakers from both countries, stating that increased dialogue would lead to a deeper understanding and cooperation on various issues. Johari suggested that topics such as food security could be discussed, and efforts could be made to encourage more Malaysian students to pursue their studies in China, fostering greater cultural exchange and knowledge sharing.

During his visit to Malaysia, Zhao also stopped at the Asia-Pacific office of Huawei, the Chinese telecom giant. At the meeting, he commended the Huawei staff members for their dedication and encouraged them to continue working hard and strengthening technological innovation. Zhao emphasized the crucial role of technological advancements in driving mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Malaysia. He highlighted the potential for collaborative efforts in the field of technology to enhance bilateral relations further.

In a meeting with Chief Minister Ab Rauf Yusoh of Malacca state, Zhao expressed China’s willingness to expand cooperation with the Malaysian side at the regional level. Recognizing the importance of regional collaboration, Zhao emphasized the need to explore new avenues for cooperation between the two regions. By leveraging the strengths and resources of each region, both parties can maximize their potential and achieve shared development goals.

Chief Minister Ab Rauf Yusoh expressed his appreciation for China’s commitment to expanding cooperation at the regional level. He acknowledged the potential for increased collaboration between Malacca state and China, particularly in areas such as trade, investment, tourism, and cultural exchange. Both parties recognized the importance of creating a conducive environment for regional cooperation and exploring opportunities for mutual growth.

The visit of Zhao Leji to Malaysia serves as a testament to the growing partnership between China and Malaysia. The discussions and meetings held during his visit underscored the commitment of both nations to strengthen practical cooperation, foster cultural exchanges, and build a shared future. The emphasis on parliamentary exchanges, technological innovation, and regional cooperation highlights the diverse avenues through which China and Malaysia aim to deepen their relations.

By strengthening legislative ties, sharing experiences, and providing policy and legal guarantees, China and Malaysia can create a solid foundation for further cooperation. Additionally, encouraging closer exchanges between lawmakers will foster a deeper understanding and collaboration on key issues, paving the way for increased bilateral cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Technological innovation plays a crucial role in the modern world, and Zhao’s visit to Huawei aimed to recognize the company’s contributions and encourage further advancements. By leveraging technology and promoting innovation, China and Malaysia can enhance their cooperation in various sectors, such as telecommunications, digital economy, and smart infrastructure, to drive economic growth and mutual benefits. Furthermore, Zhao’s meeting with Chief Minister Ab Rauf Yusoh highlights the importance of regional collaboration. By expanding cooperation at the regional level, China and Malaysia can tap into the potential for trade, investment, and tourism growth.

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