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Sinopec Primary School in Baingoin, Tibet: A High-Altitude Haven for Education

ChinaSinopec Primary School in Baingoin, Tibet: A High-Altitude Haven for Education

Baingoin, Tibet – Sinopec Primary School, a testament to perseverance and commitment, stands proudly as an educational beacon amidst the awe-inspiring heights of Tibet. Known as “the school closest to the sky,” it has become a symbol of hope and opportunity for children in the remote pastoral region of Baingoin.

Established in 2009 through the support of China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), this school has been a vital stepping stone for the children of Baingoin county, motivating local pastoral families to prioritize education for their young ones. Officially inaugurated in 2012, the school’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The school, constructed at a breathtaking altitude of 4,700 meters above sea level, boasts modern facilities and a holistic educational complex. Despite the harsh local environment, it features a standard playground, nearly 30 modern classrooms, and dormitory buildings with unique glass greenhouse designs. The primary teaching building stands as a striking testament to Tibetan architectural style, resembling a Tibetan palace.

On a recent visit, a Global Times reporter witnessed the lively atmosphere at the school. Boys and girls were seen playing basketball, while another class was engaged in traditional Tibetan Guozhuang dance under the guidance of their teacher. The scent of Tibetan incense wafted through the glass greenhouse as young students learned to write the Chinese character for “answer.”

Initially designed to accommodate around 800 students, the school’s capacity soon proved insufficient due to high demand. In response, the school successfully applied for a second phase of expansion, leading to its current capacity of 1,323 students, with 600 of them residing on the school premises. Students from lower grades mainly commute daily, while those in grades three to six live on campus year-round.

Padma Gyaltsen, a fourth-grade student, expressed his gratitude for the exceptional conditions at the school. Fluent in Standard Chinese, he shared his positive experiences, highlighting the delicious cafeteria meals and the supportive teachers who assist with life’s challenges.

The school receives various forms of support, including national special policies, Xizang special education policies, and assistance from the China Petrochemical Corporation, aimed at enhancing the school’s infrastructure and educational quality. Safety management and favorable policies have ensured zero dropouts.

After graduation, all students achieve a 100 percent placement rate in higher education, with the possibility of enrollment in more developed regions such as Lhasa or Beijing for outstanding students.

Guillaume Guibe, a French engineer working for Sinopec in Beijing, visited the school in 2022 and was pleasantly surprised by the conditions. His experience underscores the remarkable achievement of Sinopec Primary School in Baingoin, Tibet, as it continues to provide high-quality education and security while serving the educational needs of the local population.

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