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China’s Commitment to SCO Cooperation and Regional Prosperity

ChinaChina's Commitment to SCO Cooperation and Regional Prosperity

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Chinese Premier Li Qiang addressed the 22nd Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Member States on Thursday, reaffirming China’s commitment to work with all parties to effectively implement the spirit of the SCO summit. The summit, which took place in July, marked an important milestone in clarifying key tasks aimed at advancing the Shanghai Spirit and building a closer SCO community of shared future.

Premier Li’s remarks highlighted the historical aspirations of the SCO, where member states came together to ensure that regional affairs were determined through consultation among regional countries, free from external interference. Looking ahead, Li emphasized the importance of upholding this founding aspiration and working toward a shared future for all of humanity. He urged SCO members to collaborate and make mutual achievements, solidifying cooperation in various fields to contribute positively to regional and global peace and development.

During his speech, Premier Li presented four proposals for deepening SCO cooperation:

  1. Strengthening Regional Security: Li stressed the need for SCO members to bolster the region’s security barriers, reject external interference, enhance the organization’s mechanisms to address security threats, and combat the “three forces” of terrorism, separatism, and extremism, as well as transnational organized crimes.
  2. Promoting Economic Recovery: Premier Li urged member states to jointly support economic recovery efforts, develop safe and efficient transportation systems, facilitate trade and investment liberalization, and maintain stable industrial supply chains.
  3. Enhancing Belt and Road Cooperation: Li emphasized the significance of further aligning high-quality Belt and Road cooperation with member states’ development strategies, advancing the construction of major economic corridors, and strengthening the SCO Development Bank.
  4. Promoting People-to-People Exchanges: Li encouraged member states to deepen cooperation in areas such as education, culture, tourism, and sports, fostering mutual understanding and friendship among their people.

The meeting participants unanimously expressed their commitment to the Shanghai Spirit and acknowledged the SCO’s steady growth and expanding international influence over the past 22 years since its establishment. They pledged to implement the consensus reached at the Council of Heads of State meeting, which included joint efforts to combat terrorism, separatism, extremism, and transnational organized crimes. Furthermore, the member states agreed to strengthen cooperation across various sectors, including economy, trade, transportation, agriculture, energy, finance, technology, environmental protection, and green development.

Key agreements from the meeting included commitments to promote Belt and Road cooperation, improve infrastructure connectivity, and deepen people-to-people exchanges in tourism and education. The member states also emphasized the importance of institutional building within the SCO, practicing genuine multilateralism, safeguarding regional security, and fostering regional prosperity. These efforts are expected to contribute to making the international system more inclusive and sustainable.

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