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The Great Debate: Sperm Bank Donations as a Solution to China’s Declining Population Crisis

ChinaThe Great Debate: Sperm Bank Donations as a Solution to China's Declining Population Crisis

The recent appeal for sperm donations from a Yunnan-based institute has sparked heated discussions across Chinese social media. This appeal, along with similar ones from other regions including Shaanxi, has drawn public attention due to China’s recorded population decrease in 2022 – the first drop in 60 years.The sperm banks are seeking donations from young, educated men between the ages of 20 and 40, who are taller than 1.65 meters and hold or are pursuing a degree.

They must also pass a health screening and make 8-12 donations, with a subsidy payment ranging from 4,500 to 7,000 yuan.While Shanghai offers the highest subsidy, it’s worth noting that the criteria for donor eligibility vary by region. For example, the Shaanxi sperm bank requires donors to be 1.68 meters tall, and Beijing has the most stringent requirements for donor health.Some view this latest appeal as a response to the declining population, while others see it as a result of relaxed COVID restrictions, leading to a return of college students to campus.

The staff from the Yunnan sperm bank explains that the amount of sperm donations has decreased significantly over the past three years due to campus closures, yet the demand for sperm samples remains unchanged.

The debate surrounding sperm donations highlights the need for innovative solutions to address China’s population decline. Whether it’s policies encouraging childbirth or increasing sperm donations, it’s clear that the future of China’s population is at a critical junction.

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