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Innovative Tongji University Students Deliver Portable Power Box to Turkiye

ChinaInnovationInnovative Tongji University Students Deliver Portable Power Box to Turkiye

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that hit southeastern Turkiye and northern Syria on February 6th, a group of students from Tongji University in Shanghai, led by Bai Haoran, took it upon themselves to aid in the relief effort. Bai, a junior student majoring in building electricity and intelligence, and his classmate Zhang Wanlin, quickly gathered a team of seven students to design and build a mobile power box to aid the post-quake rescue and recovery work.

The team worked tirelessly for five days, dividing themselves into online and offline groups to create a tailor-made design for the power box that would meet the local sunshine and disaster relief needs. The result was a portable power box that weighs around 15 kilograms and is equipped with a 10-watt LED light bulb, able to provide 30 to 40 straight hours of light if fully recharged. The power box was designed for flexibility and portability, with each module able to be used alone or as a set.

Bai and Zhang were responsible for the offline purchases and assembly of the power box, while other students in the online group shared ideas for the design and compiled equipment instructions and user manuals in Chinese and English. They also included a manual in Turkish with the assistance of a student from Turkmenistan. The team received advice from their teachers whenever they encountered difficulties.

The hard work paid off when, on Monday, Bai and Zhang delivered the power box to a collection point in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area. This marked the final step of their five-day process, and the power box, along with other domestic donations, would be sent to Turkiye by air.

The students’ effort did not go unnoticed, and Bai was touched by the sight of Chinese and Turkish national flags at the storage house. He realized what the common community of mankind means and the power of coming together to aid those in need. Despite the tragedy that had befallen Turkiye, Bai and his classmates were able to make a difference in their own way, providing much-needed aid and comfort to those affected by the earthquakes.

Overall, the students’ initiative to design and create a mobile power box is a testament to the power of innovation and the desire to make a difference in times of need. Their hard work and dedication to the relief effort serve as an inspiration to others and highlight the importance of coming together as a global community to aid those affected by natural disasters.

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