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Protecting Ancient Books: Expert Advice from Chen Hongyan

CultureProtecting Ancient Books: Expert Advice from Chen Hongyan

Chen Hongyan is a prominent figure in the preservation of ancient books. As a member of the 14th CPPCC National Committee and the director of the Ancient Book Department at the National Library of China, she has dedicated 36 years of her life to the protection of these invaluable treasures. Throughout her career, Chen has been a strong advocate for the improvement of ancient book preservation measures.

One of Chen’s top concerns has been finding ways to enhance the protection of ancient books. As she notes, these books are mostly made of paper, which makes them vulnerable to damage and degradation. Moreover, they are non-renewable, which means that once they are damaged or destroyed, they are lost forever. Chen’s expertise in this field has made her acutely aware of the need for better preservation methods.

In a recent interview, Chen emphasized the importance of developing legislation for the protection and utilization of ancient books. She believes that this would help to ensure that preservation work is conducted in a more scientific, standard, and sustainable manner. With proper legislation in place, preservation efforts could be more comprehensive, and resources could be allocated more effectively.

According to Chen, the current preservation methods for ancient books are inadequate, and there is an urgent need for improvement. With legislation in place, more attention and resources could be directed towards this vital task. Chen’s recommendations for legislative measures would go a long way towards addressing the challenges of preserving ancient books.

By advocating for the protection and utilization of ancient books, Chen is helping to raise awareness about the importance of preserving these cultural treasures. Through her work, she is playing an instrumental role in ensuring that future generations will be able to access and learn from these valuable resources.

Chen’s commitment to the preservation of ancient books is commendable. Her efforts have brought attention to this important issue, and her recommendations for legislation could help to improve preservation methods in the years to come. Thanks to her work, we can hope for a future where ancient books are protected, utilized, and valued for generations to come.

Chen Hongyan is a highly respected expert in ancient book preservation and has identified two key areas of focus for this important work. The first is restoring and protecting the physical carrier of the ancient book. This requires specialized knowledge and techniques to prevent further damage and ensure its long-term preservation. The second is regenerative protection, which involves the migration, utilization, and activation of the content within the ancient documents.

Chen believes that ancient books are not only cultural relics but also books by nature, and as such, they should be used to serve the building of a modern society. Therefore, in addition to protecting them, efforts should also be made to inherit, promote, and utilize them. This approach will ensure that these precious documents continue to serve a purpose in society and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

To ensure the sustainability of ancient book preservation efforts, Chen recommends that governments at all levels allocate funds from their fiscal revenues for this purpose. Such funds will help to support the preservation of these valuable cultural relics and ensure that they remain accessible to future generations.

In addition to financial support, policies should also be put in place to support institutions and professionals engaged in the work of ancient book preservation. These policies should include training programs to develop the skills and knowledge required for this specialized field, as well as incentives to encourage professionals to pursue careers in this area.

Chen strongly emphasizes that Chinese ancient books should be protected by law in the new era. This approach will provide a solid foundation for the preservation of these cultural relics and ensure that they are afforded the respect and protection they deserve. By making ancient book preservation a legal requirement, it will be possible to enforce strict standards and regulations to ensure the long-term survival of these invaluable documents.

In summary, Chen’s approach to ancient book preservation involves two main components – physical restoration and regenerative protection. She believes that ancient books should not only be preserved but also utilized to serve a modern society. To achieve this, governments must allocate funds for this purpose, and policies must be put in place to support institutions and professionals engaged in this area of work. Chen also advocates for the protection of ancient books through legal means, which will ensure that they are given the respect and protection they deserve for generations to come.

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