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Celebrating Chinese-French Artistry in Fashion: An Interview with Model Estelle Chen

CultureArtCelebrating Chinese-French Artistry in Fashion: An Interview with Model Estelle Chen

Fashion is not just about beautiful clothes and iconic designers; it is a significant part of the cultural landscape of France. This year’s Croisements Festival in China is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of both French and Chinese artists in the fashion industry. The festival, which runs until the end of July, features a wide range of events, from exhibitions to fashion shows.

Estelle Chen, a French model with Chinese parents, is one of the ambassadors of the festival. She has walked the runway for various top fashion brands and even participated in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. In an interview, she shares her thoughts on her French/Chinese upbringing, her career as a model, and the essence of beauty.

Growing up with parents from two different cultures, Chen learned to embrace diversity and appreciate the best of both worlds. She describes her upbringing as “very colorful and interesting,” where she learned to speak both French and Chinese fluently. Her multicultural background also helped her appreciate different types of beauty and styles, which she finds essential in her modeling career.

Chen started modeling when she was only 14 years old, and her career has taken her to different parts of the world. She has worked with various top brands, including Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. She credits her success to her hard work, discipline, and passion for her craft. She also believes that being true to oneself and having confidence are the keys to achieving success in the industry.

According to Chen, beauty is not just about physical appearance but also about one’s confidence and personality. She believes that confidence is the core of beauty, and it is something that comes from within. She advises aspiring models to focus on building their self-confidence and developing their unique style, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s mold.

As an ambassador of the Croisements Festival, Chen is excited to showcase the artistry and creativity of both French and Chinese artists in the fashion industry. She believes that the festival is an excellent opportunity to celebrate diversity and cultural exchange, which are essential in today’s globalized world.

In conclusion, fashion is not just about clothing and designers; it is a cultural phenomenon that reflects the beauty and diversity of our world. Estelle Chen, a French model with Chinese roots, is a prime example of the creativity and ingenuity that the fashion industry has to offer. Her multicultural background, modeling career, and philosophy on beauty and confidence make her an inspiration to aspiring models and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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