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Longyou Liquid Threads Art Festival: Celebrating Art and Tradition in Zhejiang

CultureLongyou Liquid Threads Art Festival: Celebrating Art and Tradition in Zhejiang

In the heart of East China’s Zhejiang Province, Longyou County has embraced a vibrant art festival known as the Longyou Liquid Threads Art Festival. This event, initiated by a group of young artistic individuals who returned to Longyou after pursuing their careers elsewhere, marks a significant cultural moment for the region.

Wu Qinfen, the festival’s visionary planner, drew inspiration from Longyou’s rich traditions and deep-rooted water culture. This cultural heritage serves as the foundation for the artistic expressions that unfold during the festival.

The festival encompasses multiple locations, including the South Gate Historical Culture Streets, Xi’kou town, and four sub-areas throughout the county. These areas host rural construction projects brought to life by over 120 public artists and 27 student organizations hailing from esteemed institutions such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Jingdezhen Ceramics University, Hubei Sculpture Institute, and more.

Curator Ding Nan eloquently explains that water holds a profound place in Chinese culture, deeply woven into the tapestry of ancient traditions. At the Longyou Liquid Threads Art Festival, water is not merely a resource but also a form of contemporary art. It serves as a conduit through which the public can explore the intricate connection between nature and humanity, life and civilization. Through various art installations and creations, the festival endeavors to discover fresh possibilities for reinventing and innovating ancient village culture.

As part of the festival’s vibrant program, an art forum was convened, providing a platform for discussions on various topics including art education, residential projects, and related services. This forum facilitates the exchange of ideas and insights among artists and scholars, contributing to the enrichment of the festival experience.

The Longyou Liquid Threads Art Festival promises a captivating journey into the world of art, tradition, and culture. It provides an opportunity for both local and international artists to engage with the essence of Longyou County, blending contemporary art with the county’s historical roots. The festival invites visitors to immerse themselves in this artistic tapestry, celebrating the enduring spirit of Longyou’s cultural heritage.

The festival is scheduled to run until December 26, offering an extended period for residents and visitors to revel in the artistic and cultural treasures it showcases. It stands as a testament to Longyou’s commitment to preserving its traditions while embracing the creative energies of the modern world.


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