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‘Art and Dogs’ at Museo Tamayo: Celebrating the Canine-Human Bond

CultureArt'Art and Dogs' at Museo Tamayo: Celebrating the Canine-Human Bond

Since time immemorial, the unparalleled bond between humans and their canine companions has captivated the hearts and minds of artists. From ancient cave paintings depicting primitive hunting partnerships to contemporary pop art, this age-old relationship has found expression in myriad forms. The Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, embracing this timeless theme, has unveiled an art exhibit uniquely tailored for both humans and their loyal pups.

Lorenza Errasti, who serves as the curatorial assistant at the museum, shed light on the inspiration behind this unique endeavor. She emphasized that the exhibit isn’t just about showcasing the artists’ interpretations of the human-canine bond but also about immersing the visitors, both two and four-legged, in the experience. Errasti remarked, “The emotions evoked by art are universal. Just as an owner deeply connects with their dog, we hope the feelings stirred by the artworks resonate with all our visitors.”

Titled #ArteyPerros, or ‘Art and Dogs’, this second iteration features a stellar array of art pieces from renowned contemporary artists. The line-up boasts works from Haris Epaminonda, Max Ernst, Mathias Goeritz, Pierre Huyghe, Danh Vo, and Mario Garcia Torres. Not just limited to visual artwork, the exhibition has taken a holistic approach by including literary art, as showcased by a poem penned by Luis Felipe Fabre.

Mila Cohen, a young art enthusiast in the sixth grade, shared her delight upon visiting the exhibition. She was particularly thrilled about bringing along her cherished dog, Sakura. As they stood together appreciating a piece by Max Ernst, she reflected, “There’s a unique joy in sharing everyday moments with my pet. Bringing Sakura here, to a place that typically restricts pets, is truly special.”

Her sentiments were echoed by many visitors, emphasizing the novelty and importance of such inclusive spaces. Manu Echeverria, a professional photographer and a dog lover, expressed a desire for more such establishments. He commented, “Art is a reflection of life and society. As our canine companions are an integral part of our lives, it’s only fitting that they share in our cultural experiences. We certainly need more spaces that blend art and inclusivity for our pets.”

This pioneering initiative by the Museo Tamayo indeed marks a significant step in reshaping the way we perceive museums and art spaces. By recognizing and celebrating the deep emotional bond between humans and their pets, the museum not only brings art closer to the community but also underscores the importance of inclusivity in cultural experiences.


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