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Elizabeth Debicki Discusses Her Role as Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’s’ Final Season

CultureElizabeth Debicki Discusses Her Role as Princess Diana in 'The Crown's' Final Season

Elizabeth Debicki, in her portrayal of Princess Diana in Netflix’s acclaimed series “The Crown,” spoke about the deep sense of responsibility she felt towards being authentic for the audience who hold the British royal family in high regard. The two-part sixth season, which is also the final installment of the series, delves into the poignant final days of Princess Diana’s life, culminating in her tragic death in a car accident. The season is set to premiere on Netflix on November 16, drawing significant attention from fans and critics alike.

“The Crown,” created by Peter Morgan, is a historical drama series that has won numerous Emmy awards for its meticulous and dramatic recounting of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and the various royal family dramas. Debicki’s role as Princess Diana was particularly challenging, given the late princess’s iconic status and the emotional weight of the story.

“There is a profound sense of tragedy that lives in your body when you play that part of the story,” Debicki shared. After watching the final product, she reflected on the gravity of what they had portrayed on screen. The task of capturing the essence of the British royals comes with immense pressure, and Debicki felt a personal connection to the role, expressing how pieces of herself were left in her performance.

Khalid Abdalla, who plays Dodi Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed and Diana’s romantic partner during her final days, echoed similar sentiments. He described working with Debicki as an experience filled with the responsibility of honoring the real-life figures they were portraying. Abdalla saw the portrayal of Princess Diana’s story as addressing a “cultural trauma” that resonates with millions around the world, underscoring the importance of treating the subject with the respect and dignity it deserves.

The final season of “The Crown” promises to be an emotionally charged portrayal of one of modern history’s most beloved figures. The cast’s dedication to authentically depicting the lives and events of the royal family, especially the sensitive portrayal of Princess Diana’s life and tragic end, speaks to the show’s commitment to respectful storytelling.


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