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Zhao Yue’s ‘Break the Boundary’ at 798 Art Zone: Beyond Artistic Frontiers

CultureArtZhao Yue's 'Break the Boundary' at 798 Art Zone: Beyond Artistic Frontiers

Nestled in the heart of Beijing’s iconic 798 Art Zone, the Meilun Art Museum opens its doors to a captivating new exhibition that showcases the profound and expansive world of Chinese artist Zhao Yue. Over 40 paintings, each telling its own story, adorn the walls, beckoning visitors to delve into the depths of the artist’s creative psyche.

Titled “Break the Boundary,” this exhibition is not just a visual treat but a philosophical exploration of the artist’s journey. As one strolls through the gallery, the myriad of colors, strokes, and emotions evoke a sense of a boundary being shattered—be it in thought, technique, or medium.

The three eminent curators – Ge Yujun, Wang Xiaohui, and Sun Dake – have meticulously curated this exhibition, ensuring that every painting, every corner of the space, resonates with Zhao Yue’s artistic ethos. Ge Yujun, elaborating on the theme, said that “break the boundary” signifies more than just the artist’s multiple attempts to venture beyond conventional norms. It encapsulates Zhao Yue’s evolution as an artist, his experiences, his learnings, and the essence of his life.

Sun Dake offers another insightful perspective on the exhibition. For him, “Break the Boundary” is both a culmination and a commencement. While it beautifully encapsulates and presents Zhao Yue’s artistic endeavors from a specific phase of his life, it also heralds the beginning of a fresh, uncharted chapter in his journey.

Zhao Yue’s reflections about his work add another layer of depth to the exhibition. His words reveal a fervent desire to continuously evolve, to incessantly push boundaries, and to remain eternally curious. A significant part of his recent focus has been on water ink paintings—a traditional Chinese art form that demands both skill and soul. Moreover, Zhao’s ability to transfer myriad experiences, both personal and observational, into his creations speaks volumes about his connection with the world around him. He states, “I will continue to explore and develop in my artistic work,” signifying his unwavering commitment to his craft.

For art aficionados and casual visitors alike, Zhao Yue‘s “Break the Boundary” is more than just an exhibition—it’s an immersive experience. It invites viewers to not just observe but to feel, to think, and to journey alongside the artist as he navigates the vast and intricate landscape of art.


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