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Jiangxi Province Showcased at China Cultural Center Event in Bulgaria

CultureJiangxi Province Showcased at China Cultural Center Event in Bulgaria

In a concerted effort to deepen cultural understanding and encourage bilateral exchanges, the China Cultural Center recently spotlighted East China’s Jiangxi Province in a special presentation. While the primary focus was to introduce the attendees to the various facets of the province, the event aimed to catalyze new opportunities for collaboration and enrich interpersonal interactions.

Distinguished guests, including members from the Bulgarian media, professionals from the tourism sector, and representatives from various other industries, were present. They were offered an immersive experience, enabling them to dive deep into traditional Chinese practices. Attendees gained insights into the intricacies of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and had the privilege of savoring authentic Chinese tea. Augmenting the overall experience, a thematic photo exhibition painted vivid pictures of Jiangxi’s landscapes, culture, and everyday life, while another showcased the province’s celebrated porcelain products.

A significant highlight of the occasion was a collaborative agreement signed between China’s Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bulgaria’s renowned Multi-Profile Hospital “Uni Hospital,” located in Panagyurishte, a town in proximity to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. This agreement underscores a shared vision of fostering a collaborative spirit in the fields of health and traditional medicine.

Expressing his aspirations for the event, Ye Jianchun, the governor of Jiangxi Province, remarked on his genuine hopes that the presentation would act as a catalyst, heralding a new era of increased cooperation and deeper engagement. He fondly recalled the official twinning of Jiangxi and Sofia District in December 2020, emphasizing that since its inception, mutual exchanges and collaboration had flourished, cultivating a profound sense of camaraderie among their residents.

Julian Lekov, the governor of Sofia District, echoed these sentiments. Earlier that day, Lekov and Ye had inked an agreement that reaffirmed the growing partnership between Sofia District and Jiangxi Province. Envisioning future collaborations, the agreement paves the way for partnerships across five municipalities within the Sofia District and Jiangxi Province.

The Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria, Dong Xiaojun, also graced the event with his presence. He articulated his sincere wish for the event to amplify interpersonal and cultural exchanges between Bulgaria, Jiangxi, and the broader Chinese nation, hoping to bolster economic, social, and developmental cooperation between the two countries.

Snezhana Todorova, the esteemed president of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, shared her perspective on the event with Xinhua. Describing the presentation as “extremely interesting,” she lauded it as an enriching experience that provided valuable insights into Jiangxi’s past, present, and vibrant culture. Praising the seamless organization, Todorova encapsulated the sentiments of many by deeming the event “exciting, beautiful, and perfectly organized.”


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