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Medical students pay tribute to body donors in traditional ceremony

LifestyleMedical students pay tribute to body donors in traditional ceremony

The anatomy laboratory of Peking Union Medical College held an opening ceremony for the anthropotomy course, which is a basic medical course that reveals the structure of the human body. This ceremony was held just before Tomb-Sweeping Day and was attended by 2020 graders of clinical medicine. During the ceremony, the attendees paid tribute to the “silent mentors” by presenting chrysanthemums, bowing three times, and standing in silent homage. The “silent mentors” are individuals who have donated their bodies for medical research and education, and they are honored with this title in the medical field.

According to Wang Chen, the vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering and principal of Peking Union Medical College, anthropotomy is one of the most important basic medical courses. The opening ceremony is a venerable tradition of human anatomy teaching at Peking Union Medical College and serves as the medical students’ first lesson on their professional journey. With the spirit of the “silent mentors” guiding them, the students aim to commit themselves to the medical profession, promoting health, and alleviating human suffering.

Peking Union Medical College established a voluntary body donation program in 1999, and thousands of individuals from all walks of life have donated their bodies to this program so far.

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