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French Pastry Chef Christophe Adam Brings L’Eclair de Genie to Beijing

LifestyleFoodFrench Pastry Chef Christophe Adam Brings L'Eclair de Genie to Beijing

French master pastry chef Christophe Adam has brought his famous pastry store, L’Eclair de Genie, from Paris to Beijing. This month, he opened a new branch in Beijing, China, aiming to introduce his iconic classical French pastry, eclairs, to the Chinese market.

Eclairs have a long history and are well-known for being a popular delicacy among the French aristocrats. In the 19th century, eclairs conquered the picky palettes of French aristocrats and became an iconic classical French pastry.

Christophe Adam has been able to make his mark in the world of pastry by creating his version of eclairs. He founded L’Eclair de Genie in 2012, which soon became the most well-known creator of eclairs in France, with followers around the globe.

The Beijing branch of L’Eclair de Genie has created a special jasmine flavor for Chinese customers. The new flavor uses high-quality jasmine tea from Fuzhou, Fujian province, to add the jasmine flavor to the filling.

Christophe Adam is known for his dedication to maintaining consistency in the flavor of his desserts. He is making sure that the flavor of his dessert stays the same in all his stores across the globe, whether in Paris or in Beijing.

The Beijing branch of L’Eclair de Genie has been welcomed by the Chinese market. The pastry store’s unique and high-quality desserts have captured the attention of pastry lovers in Beijing.

Opening a branch in Beijing was an important step for Christophe Adam. He aims to introduce his signature pastry, eclairs, to a new market and expand his business globally.

The opening of the Beijing branch is a milestone for L’Eclair de Genie, as it is the first time the pastry store has expanded to China. The pastry store has previously opened branches in France, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

L’Eclair de Genie has become a well-known name in the pastry industry and is now recognized worldwide for its unique and high-quality desserts. The pastry store has gained a loyal following of pastry lovers who are eager to try its innovative creations.

With the addition of the Beijing branch, L’Eclair de Genie has solidified its position as one of the world’s top pastry stores. Its commitment to maintaining consistency in the flavor of its desserts, as well as its dedication to using only the finest ingredients, has made it a favorite among pastry lovers around the globe.

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