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Exploring the World’s Culinary Landscape: La Liste Reveals Top Restaurants

LifestyleExploring the World's Culinary Landscape: La Liste Reveals Top Restaurants

In the dynamic world of culinary rankings, La Liste has emerged as a distinctive voice, offering a fresh perspective on the globe’s finest dining establishments. Diverging from traditional ranking systems, La Liste adopts a comprehensive approach, amalgamating scores based on a wide array of sources, including online reviews, established guides, and culinary critics.

With its unique methodology, La Liste assigns scores up to 99.5, resulting in multiple restaurants sharing the top ranks. This year, seven exceptional restaurants have achieved the pinnacle score of 99.5. Among them are repeat honorees Le Bernardin in New York and Guy Savoy in Paris, joined by Tokyo’s Sushi Saito, La Vague d’Or in Saint-Tropez, L’Enclume in the UK, Schwarzwaldstube in Germany, and Lung King Heen in Hong Kong.

The list reflects the diversity and complexity of the global culinary scene. Hélène Pietrini, the managing director of La Liste, emphasizes the benefit of having various sources of information rather than a singular best restaurant. She acknowledges the subjective nature of culinary excellence, advocating for a broader understanding of what constitutes the ‘best’.

Significantly, the list reveals current trends in the gastronomic world. Notably, Asia’s resurgence post-COVID-19 pandemic is evident, with a substantial number of top restaurants located in Japan, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The United States and France equally share the limelight with 106 spots each in the top 1,000 list.

Another striking observation is the changing landscape of the restaurant industry in the face of economic challenges. The closures of renowned establishments such as Le Gavroche, Deanes Eipic, and the iconic Noma highlight the impact of inflation and shifting consumer preferences. According to La Liste’s editor Joerg Zipprick, traditional and comfort food tend to thrive in these times, contrasting periods of prosperity where avant-garde cuisine flourishes.

La Liste, although a relatively new player in the rankings arena with its first list published in 2015, has expanded its scope to include hotel rankings. This year, it crowned Italy’s Belmond Hotel Cipriani as the world’s best hotel.

In a culinary landscape marked by diverse tastes and evolving trends, La Liste offers a holistic and multi-faceted view of the world’s top restaurants. Its comprehensive approach provides a valuable resource for diners seeking exceptional dining experiences worldwide.


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