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A Magical Journey: Unraveling the World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland

TravelA Magical Journey: Unraveling the World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland

The excitement was palpable among the younger members of my family when I extended an invitation to visit the World of Frozen, Hong Kong Disneyland‘s newest spectacle. Scheduled for a grand opening on November 20th, this latest attraction, inspired by Disney’s 2013 sensation, Frozen, promised a world of wonder. So, armed with enthusiasm and curiosity, we embarked on a magical journey to experience the allure of Arendelle Forest and the North Mountain.

As I rendezvoused with my two nieces, Lilith, 19, and 15-year-old Leila, and my young nephew Elon, aged nine, at the park’s entrance, the welcoming 22°C (71°F) weather, with a slightly overcast sky, seemed perfect for our adventure. Our first steps into Arendelle Village were met with an immediate immersion into a Nordic paradise, characterized by Norwegian architectural marvels, rich culture, and enthralling Norse legends. A picturesque snowy mountain stood tall on one side, while the majestic Arendelle Castle graced the other.

Soon, I found myself in the cozy ambiance of the Golden Crocus Inn for an official lunch, while the youngsters embarked on a ride exploration spree. The buffet, though quite ordinary, was compensated by the restaurant’s intricately crafted wooden interiors. The star attraction, however, was the array of desserts, a testament to Disney’s attention to detail, both in presentation and taste.

Rejoining my young companions post-lunch, the girls were eager to share their experience of “the boat” – better known as Frozen Ever After, a prime attraction. The hesitation and apprehension in Elon’s voice regarding the ride aroused my curiosity even more. Once aboard, it was evident that the attraction was a masterclass in visual storytelling, intricately recreating iconic Frozen moments, complete with its memorable melodies. The lifelike representations of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, thanks to cutting-edge robotics, impressed. Leila aptly compared the transformation in Disney’s animatronics from the vintage It’s a Small World ride. Without revealing much, the ride encompassed exhilarating highs, especially a spine-chilling encounter with Marshmallow, the gigantic snow monster.

The journey continued with the Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, accessible via the King Agnarr Bridge. This “junior coaster” offered a rapid, one-minute adrenaline rush through the Arendelle Forest, an experience we revisited multiple times. For thrill-seekers, a tip: the roller coaster’s rear promises an elevated excitement level!

The Playhouse in the Woods, catering primarily to the younger visitors, offered an intimate setting where they could interact with Elsa and Anna. The fusion of video projections, stage lighting, and live performances made it a captivating spectacle. As our day concluded, the attention to detail in every nook and corner of the World of Frozen, from the intricacies of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post to wall adornments, resonated with Leila.

Reflecting on the day, Elon’s courage was commendable, especially given the intimidating encounters. For Lilith, the World of Frozen stands as the crowning jewel of Hong Kong Disneyland’s recent additions.


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