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Yang Xiaopei Advocates for Stronger China-UK Screen Industry Collaborations

UncategorizedYang Xiaopei Advocates for Stronger China-UK Screen Industry Collaborations

Chinese producer Yang Xiaopei, in her recent address at a London-based forum, expressed her aspirations for deepening the collaborative ventures between China’s and the UK’s film and television industries. Drawing on the essence of visual storytelling, she underscored the profound capacity of films and TV series to convey nuanced spiritual and emotional narratives that resonate universally, regardless of cultural, linguistic, or geographical distinctions.

Speaking at the Shanghai-London Screen Industry Forum, Yang reflected on the powerful medium of film and television, emphasizing, “These works not only entertain but have rich spiritual undertones. Their unparalleled expressive prowess has the potential to bridge divides, traversing racial, territorial, and linguistic barriers, thus echoing sentiments of mutual respect, understanding, and tolerance.”

Yang Xiaopei, known for producing the widely acclaimed Chinese TV series “Alliance,” delved deeper into the symbiotic relationship of both countries’ entertainment sectors. She remarked on the immense potential both nations hold in forging ahead, especially in breaking down cultural barriers. She also shed light on the compelling realm of period dramas, which not only provide a glimpse into bygone eras but are rich tapestries of intricate human relationships and societal norms. Furthermore, she advocated for the exploration of authentic, grounded themes that echo universal values, ensuring that the content resonates deeply with a diverse global audience.

The Shanghai-London Screen Industry Forum, held in the UK’s capital, sought to rejuvenate and rekindle the dialogue between the two powerful film and television industries, especially after the recent disruptions caused by the pandemic. While aiming to foster a climate of mutual learning and meaningful exchanges, the event served as a platform to showcase and advocate for premier Chinese productions and collaborative endeavors between China and the UK.

Sharing the stage with Yang were several notable figures from the industry. Lu Beike, the visual maestro behind the “Three-Body TV series,” and the founder of Xixi Pictures, delved into the intricacies of visual storytelling. Mike Goodridge, the mind behind Good Chaos, and Michael Nakan, the visionary CEO of Envision, both contributed their insights, particularly on narrating China-centric tales that captivate international viewers. They also discussed the myriad opportunities and inherent challenges that come with expanding Chinese TV series on a global scale.

Yang, in her concluding remarks, shed light on her TV series “Alliance,” which was predominantly filmed in Shanghai. She noted how the series offers global viewers an immersive experience, allowing them to witness firsthand the city’s meteoric rise and the daily nuances of its inhabitants. Through such authentic portrayals, she believes that viewers worldwide can foster a genuine connection and appreciation for cultures beyond their own, thus paving the way for a more inclusive global entertainment industry.


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