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Bangkok Mall Horror: Teen’s Shooting Spree Rekindles Thai Gun Control Debate

WorldAsiaBangkok Mall Horror: Teen's Shooting Spree Rekindles Thai Gun Control Debate

In a harrowing incident that has rocked Thailand’s capital city, a 14-year-old boy was apprehended following a terrifying shooting spree at Bangkok’s renowned Siam Paragon shopping center. This event left two women dead and five individuals grievously wounded, leading to hundreds of distressed shoppers fleeing the scene.

The Incident

At approximately 4:30 pm local time, the upscale Siam Paragon mall, located in the bustling heart of Bangkok, erupted in chaos. Witnesses recounted the horrifying moments when they heard gunshots, triggering widespread panic. Thanpawasit Singthongkham, an employee at a mall-based Japanese eatery, shared, “I heard about 10 loud gunshots in rapid succession. Shortly after, an announcement was made about the shooting, activating emergency signals. This prompted everyone to evacuate immediately.”

CCTV and video footage provided chilling insights into the chaotic scene. A sea of frightened shoppers were seen clambering beneath metallic security barriers at store entrances, seeking refuge, before finally escaping through emergency exits amidst blaring alarms.

Arrest and Initial Investigations

Authorities acted swiftly. Video footage captured the tense moments when the teenage suspect, donned in a black shirt, glasses, and a cap adorned with the US flag motif, was apprehended by the police. Subsequent videos unveiled the young shooter’s distressed demeanor as he whispered to the arresting officers, with a glance hinting at an unseen presence, murmuring, “He’s looking at me.” An officer sought to comfort him, asserting, “You are safe now.” The boy’s motives remain undisclosed.

National Police Chief Torsak Sukwimol provided further details during a press conference. He confirmed the fatalities included two women, one of Chinese origin and the other from Myanmar. Moreover, he noted that the adolescent shooter was currently too disoriented for questioning. “He’s been diagnosed with mental health issues and is a patient at Rajavithi hospital. Off his medication, he claimed he felt a secondary presence instructing him on whom to target,” Torsak stated.

Impact and Reactions

This tragedy has deeply impacted the Thai community, coming merely days before the first anniversary of a horrific event labeled as the deadliest massacre in modern Thai history. In that incident, a former police officer orchestrated a brutal attack on a northern Thai nursery, taking the lives of 24 innocent children and 12 adults.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, deeply affected by the incident, conveyed his heartfelt condolences to the victims’ kin, emphasizing his primary concern was the safety of Thai citizens. He informed the public that the deceased Chinese national was approximately 30 years old. In a sign of solidarity and commitment to transparency, a nearby private school, The Essence, confirmed that the arrested suspect was their student and extended their deepest sympathies to the affected families.

The mall’s significance cannot be understated. Siam Paragon stands as one of Bangkok’s crown jewels, attracting droves of locals and international tourists daily. Its strategic location in the city’s commercial hub ensures a steady footfall, peaking during festive seasons. Nattanon Dungsunenarn, a shopper present during the incident, recounted the terrifying moments: “Amidst the chaos, many were clueless about the ongoing horror. Store employees herded us inside for safety, revealing a shooter’s presence.” Another shopper, Chinese tourist Xiong Ying, likened the ordeal to a gruesome movie scene, expressing her shock at the near-miss as she had been at the mall moments before the incident.

Gun Control Debate Rekindled

This latest act of violence reignites the simmering debate about firearm regulations in Thailand. Guns are unfortunately not a rarity in the country, and shootings, motivated by vendettas, crime, drugs, and even personal relationship disputes, are all too common. As the nation approaches the one-year mark since the horrifying October 6 nursery massacre, such incidents force a reevaluation of Thailand’s gun control policies. The nation, which boasts one of the highest firearm ownership ratios in the region, has previously experienced other gruesome shootings. In 2020, a retired military officer unleashed terror in a Korat shopping center, leading to 29 deaths and numerous injuries.


As the nation grapples with this fresh tragedy, the Siam Paragon shooting underscores the urgent need for addressing gun control and mental health issues more comprehensively. As investigations progress and the community mourns, Thailand stands at a crossroads, with the incident serving as a stark reminder of the pressing challenges that lie ahead.

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