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Guangzhou Subway’s Stance on Halloween Makeup Sparks Debate

LifestyleGuangzhou Subway's Stance on Halloween Makeup Sparks Debate

As October rolls in, so does the festive spirit of Halloween. Streets worldwide become a canvas for vibrant costumes and intricate makeup, a form of artistry that transforms ordinary folks into ghoulish creatures and fantastic beings. However, in one subway station in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, this Halloween expression faces a surprising restriction.

A video recently circulated the internet, showcasing a peculiar “makeup removal station” stationed at an underground railway entrance. This makeshift station was equipped with basic makeup removal essentials: a bucket with facial cleanser, tissues, and a rubbish bin. Many young women were spotted using their smartphones as makeshift mirrors, wiping off their carefully crafted Halloween makeup. Some even revealed visible red marks on their face, likely a testament to the abrupt removal.

Guangzhou Subway officials commented on this rather unusual measure, affirming that during the Halloween festivities, passengers donning intimidating makeup could be requested to tone it down before gaining entry to the station. This directive roots back to the Passenger Code of Guangzhou Urban Rail Transit. The code discourages certain behaviors on public transport, especially anything that might incite panic or fear amongst the passengers. This includes, but isn’t limited to, dressing in a certain manner or wearing specific types of cosmetics.

This stipulation isn’t arbitrary. The subway system undergoes routine security checks based on these established guidelines. Consequently, Halloween-themed decorations or makeup might be disallowed due to their inherent spookiness which might unsettle some commuters. Notably, the Hanxi Chimelong station, located close to Chimelong Paradise – a popular amusement park known for its Halloween festivities – follows this rule to the letter. However, they have taken a more compassionate approach by offering makeup remover, tissues, clean water, and cotton pads for passengers, aiming to smoothen their subway boarding process.

As expected, public opinion is divided on this matter.

Detractors of the rule find it excessive, with some lamenting, “Such measures seem to be the brainchild of those with too much time on their hands.” Another questioned the logic behind it, pondering on the real convenience for passengers: “Isn’t retaining their makeup more facilitative for them?”

However, there’s a segment that stands firmly behind the subway’s decision. One commuter commented, “You can indulge in your Halloween makeup at an amusement park. In a public space like the subway, it might just induce fear.” Drawing a parallel, another user said, “This isn’t much different from people playing loud music in public, disturbing the peace. The subway’s initiative gets my vote.”

One interesting take suggested a collaborative solution, “Perhaps the amusement parks, given their sizable earnings, should provide makeup removal utilities and bear the related expenses instead of the subway companies.”

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