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Hong Kong’s Halloween Nail Art Trends: From Primal to Elegant

LifestyleFashionHong Kong's Halloween Nail Art Trends: From Primal to Elegant

In the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Halloween is not just about dressing up; it’s a gala of extravagant parties, making it one of the most animated events of the year. Each year, Halloween’s spirit brings forth a slew of new costume trends, influenced significantly by the latest in pop culture. Recent hits like Suicide Squad and Squid Game have inspired many an outfit, even though timeless classics like vampires, witches, and zombies remain ever-popular.

Yet, it’s not just about the costumes. The smallest of details, like nail art, play a crucial role in completing the Halloween ensemble. With an array of choices ranging from straightforward black and red stiletto nails to intricate designs drawn from alternative fashion, nail art is a statement in itself.

One of Halloween’s biggest allure is its celebration of the unconventional. It’s a day where the ordinary rules don’t apply, and this ethos is most evident on platforms like social media. Among the city’s prominent hubs for distinctive nail art are Chemical Nail and Lila0nail. Eva Yu, the visionary behind Chemical Nail, opened its doors in Kwun Tong, Kowloon, in 2021. She suggests that one doesn’t have to go intricate with nail art; simply altering the shape can make a significant impact. Yu mentions the rising trend of talon-shaped nails that emulate an untamed, primal allure reminiscent of pop sensations like Lady Gaga’s looks in “Born This Way” or the timeless Morticia Addams.

However, for those in the bustling city who require more practicality, there’s advice from Yeung Mei-mei, the brain behind Lila0nail, established in 2020 in Tsuen Wan. Yeung predicts a rise in claws, irregular, and even teeth-inspired nail shapes this Halloween. The color palette will lean towards the ethereal – dusty hues over natural polish accentuated with evergreen shades of black and blood-red ombre.

Yu’s Chemical Nail stands as a testament to her love for subcultures like goth and punk, which she seamlessly integrates into her nail designs. This unique approach has helped her build a clientele with tastes akin to hers, most of whom discovered her work on platforms like Instagram. Yu views her work as an evolving canvas, with each client bringing new challenges and opportunities to expand her creativity.

Both Yeung and Yu also have their marks in the fashion industry, lending their nail artistry skills for magazine spreads and photo shoots. This exposure allows them to bring more innovation to their everyday clientele. They also recognize the need for versatility in their offerings, considering the diverse professional backgrounds of Hongkongers. As Yeung aptly puts it, “every day can be Halloween if you want it to be,” emphasizing the freedom to express oneself. And Yu resonates with that sentiment, encouraging everyone to embrace the weird and wonderful during this festive time.


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