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Beijing Hosts Prestigious International Magic Carnival and Exchange Conference

UncategorizedBeijing Hosts Prestigious International Magic Carnival and Exchange Conference

Beijing recently found itself in a whirl of enchantment, wonder, and awe as the 11th China Beijing International Magic Carnival and the World University Magic Exchange Conference concluded its spectacular sessions in the Changping district. Spanning over two days, this event was more than just a gathering; it was a global celebration of the art of magic.

Drawing magicians from diverse corners of the world, such as China, the United States, South Korea, and the Netherlands, the carnival echoed with gasps of surprise, applause, and sheer amazement. The Changping district was alive with vibrancy, filled with a blend of traditional and contemporary magic acts, each bringing its own flavor to the stage. But it wasn’t just professional magicians who stole the limelight. The participation of university representatives from across Beijing added an academic touch to the carnival. This collaboration between the world of academia and magic reflected the event’s commitment to nurturing a younger generation of magic enthusiasts.

Beyond the dazzling acts and tricks, the carnival and conference held a broader vision. By organizing a range of events across various universities, they aimed to engage young students in meaningful interactions, giving them a platform to express their perspectives and showcase their talents. Through this initiative, attendees were not only entertained but also provided insights into the dynamic essence of university life today. Moreover, the integration of stories from Changping’s campuses was a thoughtful attempt to root the carnival in its locale, making it more relevant and relatable to its audience. All of these efforts culminated in a mutual endeavor to fuel the continued growth and relevance of the magic industry.

One of the most poignant moments came from a virtual interaction with Eric Eswin, the honorary president of the International Federation of Magic Societies. Having been associated with the festival since its inception, Eswin has witnessed its evolution. In his address, he poignantly remarked on how magic, amidst all the global changes and disruptions, has managed to remain unaltered at its core. However, he astutely underscored the need for the magic community to embrace the future. By integrating live shows with online platforms and harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence, magicians can transcend traditional boundaries and elevate their craft to an unprecedented level.

What began as a modest gathering in 2012 in Beijing has now grown into a biennial celebration that the city eagerly anticipates. As the curtains came down on this year’s event, it left behind not just memories of mesmerizing acts but also a promise – a promise of returning with even more wonder and magic in the years to come.


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