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SAIC Audi Q6: A Flagship Roadjet Poised to Satisfy Drivers’ Cravings for Performance and Poetry

BusinessAutomotiveSAIC Audi Q6: A Flagship Roadjet Poised to Satisfy Drivers' Cravings for Performance and Poetry

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, there exist individuals who yearn for more than just the monotonous routine of commuting back and forth between work and home. They crave a lifestyle that embodies flexibility and poetry. Fortunately, the SAIC Audi Q6 was designed with these drivers in mind, offering an exceptional driving experience that can navigate the chaotic city streets and venture through the serene countryside.

Recently, the carmaker launched a test drive of the SAIC Audi Q6 in Xinchang county, Zhejiang province. The picturesque mountains and pristine waters in the area exude a charm that has been celebrated for thousands of years in Tang poetry. Upon approaching the SUV, one is immediately struck by its imposing presence, with its 5,099-millimeter length, 2,014 mm width, and 1,784 mm height. It boasts aviation-grade seats and is available in both six- and seven-seat layouts.

As the SAIC Audi Q6 glides through the picturesque landscape of Xinchang, its simplified design aesthetic exudes both strength and elegance. According to Sascha Scholz, head of SAIC Audi Marketing and Public Relations, “The Audi Q6 is the first model to adopt Audi’s latest design language and to innovatively incorporate the Chinese mythical beast Qilin and German modern design concepts, bringing a large SUV full of sincerity to the Chinese market and consumers.” The SAIC Audi Q6 is the carmaker’s third model, following the A7L sedan and the Q5 e-tron electric SUV since its launch in April 2021.

Equipped with either a fourth-generation EA888 or a six-cylinder EA390 turbocharged engine, along with the DCC adaptive dynamic suspension system, the SAIC Audi Q6 provides superior driving performance and off-road capabilities. Its powerful engine can easily handle steep inclines and rough terrain, while its responsive handling and adaptive suspension ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

In 2022, SAIC Audi sold 6,200 vehicles nationwide, and with more interior space, more power, more premium features, and a more sincere price, Scholz believes that sales will continue to rise. Currently, SAIC Audi has 112 offline stores nationwide and plans to expand further to improve exposure among consumers. As Audi’s flagship “Roadjet” and largest SUV, the SAIC Audi Q6 is poised to meet the needs of drivers who crave a driving experience that embodies both performance and poetry.

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