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FlagOpen: China’s Large-Scale Model Open-Source System to Revolutionize AI Development

BusinessFlagOpen: China's Large-Scale Model Open-Source System to Revolutionize AI Development

China has launched FlagOpen, one of the first large-scale model open-source systems, with an aim of driving the country’s artificial intelligence (AI) development for more “phenomenal” applications. The move comes amid the boom in popularity of ChatGPT, which has fueled China’s efforts to deploy large-scale model programs to accelerate an innovative open-source ecosystem.

FlagOpen, developed by Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI), includes large-scale model algorithms, data, tools, and evaluation. It aims to build Linux in the field of large-scale models and is part of a broader project from the Ministry of Science and Technology since 2021, which aims to develop open-source platforms.

According to Huang Tiejun, the Head of BAAI, “The era of intelligence requires a real open source, instead of the use of open source like Android or an open source controlled by a certain enterprise. It should be an open source developed by everyone in the open-source community.” Huang added that ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg for large-scale model technology and what is behind it deserves more attention.

He further stated, “From a long-term perspective, more efforts should be made to form a complete large-scale model technology system with strong resource capabilities, so that the country can give birth to phenomenal applications like ChatGPT.”

FlagOpen has already joined forces with more than 30 research institutes and universities, and formed alliances with the country’s leading tech companies to improve the ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to form an open-source community that will drive China’s AI development, allowing for more innovative and sophisticated applications.

As AI becomes increasingly central to many sectors and industries, the need for open-source systems like FlagOpen has grown. By collaborating and sharing knowledge and resources, the AI community can accelerate innovation and development in the field. With FlagOpen’s launch, China is taking a big step forward in achieving that goal, and it is likely to have a significant impact on the global AI landscape.

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